Play 5 Gen 2

  • 7 October 2018
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Play 5 Will only now connect with Ethernet. Used to connect wirelessly. Have 1 other Play 5 +, 2 play 1s, 1 connect amp & 1 boost all of which are connecting wirelessly except for the boost which is connected by Ethernet. Have tried turning all off including router and rebooting but failed to connect wirelessly. Tried resetting to factory but will not connect wirelessly. Tried connecting with Ethernet cable which works but looses connection as soon as cable is disconnected. Tried connecting adjacent to router but will not connect wirelessly. This speaker has worked well for 18 months until now. Can anyone advise if this is a problem with the Play 5.

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7 replies

I’m having the same problem. Play:5 which worked seamlessly on my previous network with a standard setup and now having annoying issues. I just did the latest update too. I moved house and have a new router. Made sure it was compatible, definitely 2.4GHz and 802.11 b/g per the box. Connection isn’t slow on new network, all other devices streaming fine. When I try to connect via advanced settings it won’t display any networks to select from. I try to manually type in my network name and password but no dice 😞
There were a few in the past that turned out to have something wrong with the wifi card (or something supporting it), I'd recommend that you connect the PLAY:5 with an ethernet cable so that it shows up in the controller, and then submit a diagnostic. If it is indeed that issue, it apparently shows up in the data in the diagnostic. You'd need to call in to Sonos on Monday to give them the number, though. I don't think that's an issue that can be handled here in the forums.
Thanks Bruce, I have tried 2 different Ethernet cables and the network will still not display in the app during advanced setting wireless setup. Entering the network details manually doesn’t work either. Perhaps I should restore factory settings of my Play:5 and start over? Just set up Netflix and it found my new network in a heartbeat.
If you’ve got other speakers in your Sonos system, there’s no harm in trying it. However, if it is your only Sonos device, you’ll be deleting all your playlists, account links, etc. If it’s not connecting even with an Ethernet cable, though, I guess it wouldn’t hurt. But I’d still be calling in to Sonos on Monday, or contact them via the 24/7 methods of Twitter or Facebook.
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Sonos doesn't recommend doing a factory reset except in a few situations or after consulting with their techs, I'd save that for Monday after talking with them.
"Factory resetting any of your Sonos products is not recommended and should not be done in an attempt to resolve an issue."
Thank you all for your responses and advice. Taking into account your responses I am tending to think that there may be a problem with the speaker. I will contact Sonos and post their response. Thanks again
Hi all just wanted to provide an update:
I have submitted a diagnostic report to SONOS and they have advised that there is a fault with my Gen 2 Play 5. They have offered to replace the unit under warranty which I am very pleased about. A big thank-you to SONOS.