Play 5 (Gen 1) making a "slurping" noise

  • 10 October 2016
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I have sonos distributed throughout my home, including a Play 5 pair in my office. One of them is acting quite strangely. It is making a "slurping" sound- a burst of somewhat low frequency static lasting

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3 replies

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Hi there, that does sound unusual, so its just one of your two PLAY:5s making this sound? Can you please try a few different tracks through this speaker to confirm the issue? Also, so we can get a look at the speaker in action can you submit a diagnostic report while the speaker is playing and reply here with the confirmation number?
Can you also confirm the serial number of this PLAY:5 so we can identify it in the diagnostic?
It makes the sound when nothing is playing through the speaker. It is just one of the pair of Play 5s on my office desk. I haven't noticed this from any other speaker in the house- however, the office is a rather quiet space and I sit quite close to it as they flank my iMac, therefore I cannot confirm that it doesn't come from any other speaker in the house, but I highly doubt it.

Further testing shows it happens when I am playing music in another room for my daughter. I play lullabies very softly overnight. I think this speaker is serving as the mesh route for her speaker. If I pause the music in her room, the sounds stop in the office speaker.

We recently moved to this house and the signal between the speakers is less than optimal at the moment, until I fill build out the wired and wireless infrastructure and fill a few more rooms with speakers. It's about twice the size of our former home. However, I have 2 play 1s, a play 3, 2 play 5s in a pair, two playbars, and a subwoofer distributed throughout the house, connected to the router via a boost, so there are plenty of devices to form a mesh network.

Your confirmation number is: 6635586.
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Hi skorvek, I've made a support ticket for you regarding this issue. The incident number is 161013-000342. I'm going to send you an email from that case asking for a bit more information, so just get back to me there when you have a moment.