Play 5 Dead

  • 18 October 2016
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I have a total of 6 Play 5 speakers. 2 of them are dead. They are well out of warranty. I have I have 45 years experience as a consumer electronics technician. Since they are out of warranty, I disassembled them and verified that the main board (amplifiers and power supply) is dead, the power rails never come up.. Today I called Sonos and found out that:

1) Sonos will not supply parts or schematics
2) They will not touch them since they have been disassembled.

Do i just throw them away? I honestly would have evaluated the situation differently had I known Sonos' policy. In all my years of dealing with virtually every brand of consumer electronics in America, I have not run into a situation where I couldn't buy parts for products that were reasonably new.

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2 replies

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It looks to be your only option. Surely you would have also known that once you take something apart the manufacturer wouldn't want to know.
It is surprising that you did not check with the manufacturer first given your trade experience, nor check with them when the unit died what were remedies before taking the position into your own hands.
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Well surely they are standard parts? Why can't you buy them. If you've opened them up I don't understand why you need technical drawings and you can't expect them to give those to you surely?