Play 5 can not be found.

  • 10 May 2020
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The last update that came Through killed my system. My play 5 is not recognized even plugged in through Ethernet. Not only is this the most frustrating thing but clearly everybody is having this problem that has updated.


not only that , the actual app has had HORRIBLE performance after the update.


inalso feel taken advantage of because as soon as all this happen I received marketing material for the “upgrade” service from Sonos.

If you guys need me to buy a new one for some reason just let me know but over a month dealing with this problem is unacceptable. 

anyone else get this fixed yet?

1 reply

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@YTest Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. Are you still having the issue with your Play:5 Gen 1? I did not see any email or phone case created and there was no diagnostic report number history for your system. We can see that your Sonos products currently show cloud connected to a wifi network and our server. Did a power re-boot of the network and Sonos products correct things for you?

If not, please update us with a new diagnostic report number here and if your Play:5 Gen 1 room name is still missing from the Sonos app.