Play:3 won't connect

My two Play:3 speakers stopped being recognized by the Sonos controller on my iMac. I see the Play:3 speakers have been discontinued. Is this why my controller no longer recognize these speakers? I only bought them two years ago.

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My play 3s are still working fine and I expect that to continue for many years. You likely have a different problem.

Have you powered them down, rebooted your router, rebooted your controller and then powered them up, about a minute apart to see if that clears the problem?
Thanks. That worked. My Play:1's never lost connection, but something happened with the Play:3. When I powered them off and on, the controller recognized them and required them to go thru an update. Once that finished, I was back in business. Thanks again!
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You might be able to avoid this kind of thing in the future if you use your router's DHCP settings to assign each Sonos device a static/reserved IP address. It has helped a lot of other sonos users.


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