Play 3's and Soundbar

  • 16 January 2017
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When I play music from my tv through my playbar and my two play 3's the music plays intermittently through my play 3's. Does anyone know why this would happen ? Thanks in advance.

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16 replies

Most likely probability is wifi interference. Secondary would be IP conflict, although I think that wouldn't necessarily generate intermittent output. I could be wrong.

Do you have any Sonos equipment connected to your router with ethernet cable?

If not, you may want to check your router settings and change the channel on it. And lock it down, some routers allow the channel to "float" to the least used, which could cause issues.

If you do have a Sonos device connected via ethernet cable, try changing the channel that SonosNet is using. Look at whatever it's using now, and switch to one of these: 1, 6, or 11. By the way, I would encourage this, pulling the network traffic off of your wifi and onto SonosNet is always a good idea, and the SonosNet "mesh" tends to be a better solution, at least in my home, since each speaker reinforces the signal for all others. Helps with longer runs.

If, and I stress the "if" there, it is an IP conflict, you should shut down everything that connects to your wifi, including the router. Then bring back up your router, and each individual device, one at a time, allowing enough time for each device to settle in and request a new IP address. Conversely, you could go into your router settings and reserve some IPs for your speakers, which would probably help everything going forward, but requires a bit of extra work and research on your part on how your router handles that. I used the higher portion of the range, since my router tends to use the lower for new connections. Added note: it's incredibly hard to figure out if you really have an IP conflict, unless you know every device connected to your system. It's easy to see what IP addresses are assigned to your speakers, though, just run a "about my sonos" in the app, and in that list will be the info. Just doesn't tell you if there is a IP conflict for that device.
Thank you for your detailed response, the only sonos device I have connected via ethernet is my bridge. How do I check what channel SonosNet is using?
I will check what IP addresses are assigned to my speakers through the app as a starting point and see what it shows me.
Are they set to ambient?
Ah, great. The bridge means you're using SonosNet. You can check by looking at "About my Sonos" in the app, which should list WM:0 for each speaker.

So I'd try changing the channel that Sonos is using. Either 1, 6 or 11, just not whatever it's on right now. If you can determine where your router is broadcasting, then stay as far away from that number as possible.
And the channel setting information is here:
Thanks guys I will check all this out later this week and keep you updated with the results.
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make sure your Bridge is at least a meter from the router
Can we clarify. Are the PLAY:3s bonded to the PLAYBAR as surround speakers, or are they in another 'room'?
CapnLes, my bridge sits beside my router.
Ratty, they are in the same room and I bond them together with my playbar sometimes when watching a film or listening to music through my TV. When I play music from another device everything seems to work fine, music streams from the play 3's and the playbar.
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When you say "I bend them together with my playbar sometimes", do you mean you remove them from your Sonos network and re-add them?
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You should move the Bridge as far as you can from the router.
Kurtatx, no sorry I mean I pair them with my playbar so all 3 speakers play together.
Ratty, they are in the same room and I bond them together with my playbar sometimes when watching a film or listening to music through my TV. When I play music from another device everything seems to work fine, music streams from the play 3's and the playbar.
To be clear, bonding as surrounds is a semi-permanent arrangement. It's not a 'sometimes'. It sounds like you're grouping the PLAY:3s with the PLAYBAR. The PLAY:3s are visible in your controller as another room, yes?

If this is the case then the TV sound is being sent from the PLAYBAR to the PLAY:3s as uncompressed audio over the 2.4GHz SonosNet mesh. This will stress the mesh. Two such streams have to go from the PLAYBAR to the BRIDGE, and then from the BRIDGE to each PLAY:3. If your wired BRIDGE is a fair distance away, or if it's too close to the router, you'll be inviting trouble.

It's been suggested that you try a different SonosNet channel, and that you ensure the BRIDGE isn't close to the router. If that doesn't help it's time to submit a system diagnostic and post the number for Sonos Support to look at.
Yes I am grouping the Play 3's with the Playbar semi-permanent / sometimes, the Play 3's are visible on my controller as Lounge L&R and the Playbar is visible on my controller as Playbar, all 3 speakers are in the same room (Lounge). I then group them together depending on what I'm doing, watching tv or listening to music channels on tv. The bridge is situated in the hall beside the router and approx 4m away from the Play 3's and 7m away from the Playbar.
Do you haven further thoughts from what I have told you, apologies for my ignorance and lack of knowledge with the technical side of things...
Folks just a quick update, I moved the bridge away from my router and also changed my SonosNet channel from 1 to 6 and I am pleased to report that everything is working 100% as it should. Thanks for the help and advice.