Play 3 keeps dropping off the controller

  • 14 January 2017
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My Sonos system was working fine until Christmas. Since then on the controller my Play 3 keeps dropping off and then coming back again. I have tried moving it. Deleting it and re-adding it. Keeps dropping songs. Play list keeps saying that it cannot find my music and skips songs. Music that is playing on Play 3 on the controller in a Goup with Play 1 (x 2) the whole thing vanishes off the controller and I cannot stop the music unless I switch off the computer. Not a happy bunny at the moment

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4 replies

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This usually happens when there is an IP address conflict. I would go into your router and assign it a new IP address at the top of the allowable range for your router away from normally assigned IP addresses (I have actually done this for all my Sonos units).

After re-assigning the IP address turn the Play off. REboot router. Then reboot play.

If this doesn't solve then it may be some type of wireless interference. In that case you can submit a diagnostic from Settings...advanced. Post the diagnostic number here and a Sonos rep can look at your network.
Thank you for your reply. But I have no idea how to get to my IP address. Can you help.
Many thanks
You'd probably need to read the documentation for your router, most of them handle it differently, and it would be difficult for Chris to do that for you.

The alternative is to force reassignment of IP addresses, where you power off all devices that connect to your router, and then the router itself, and bring them back up one by one, starting with the router, allowing each one time to finish "booting" and grabbing a new IP address from the router. Chris' method would cure the situation permanently, this one is simpler, but the problem could potentially happen the next time you lose power.
Thank you. It would appear more simple. Tried that and it seems more stable. But when I run music from iPad the computer still seems to be dropping songs. I think I should only use the same device to run the music. Pitty you cannot saves playlist on your iPad. There does not appear to be an option to do that. When I try and run the music from the favourite list from Sonos list on the iPad, music is just dropped. Strange as what is on the computer is on the iPad. I might need to open a google player account instead to solve the problem. Thanks for your help.