Play:1 volume rocker (mechanical keys) - no "click" on volume up

  • 5 December 2016
  • 0 replies

I realized this week-end that one of the Play:1 in my kitchen has an issue with the volume rocker. The keys for volume up and down work, but I get the mechanical feedback "click" only for the volume down key. Volume up is registered, but without any haptic feedback. It is not a major issue, but I am worried that this could be a precursor to the button not working at all anymore in the future. Now I am wondering if someone knows the issue. I wonder if it is an issue with the key or with the witch board below. Also, the speaker is in the kitchen, and it is possible that some foreign object may be blocking the key a bit...

My Sonos system grew over time, and I am not sure from which purchase the speaker is and whether it is still under warranty. Moreover, I want to avoid sending it in for a repair just to read "Cause of fault: Bread crumb" in the protocol afterwards. Any suggestions?

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