Play 1 Surrounds Dropped (won't return)

I'm running a pair of Play 1's as surrounds with a Playbar (room 1) in addition to a pair of Play 1's (stereo pair, room 2) and a Connect:Amp (room 3). As above, the Play 1's being used for rear speakers dropped yesterday and despite various attempts to 'Remove Surrounds' and repeatedly re-adding them, they refuse to return.

Everything had been working well until the recent Connect: Amp addition and it's been hit and miss since that (a week ago).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you power cycled them? Sounds suspiciously like a duplicate IP address issue to me.
Alternately, may I recommend that you submit a system diagnostic which will help the folks from Sonos look at the last 10 or so minutes of your system's log files, and give you a more definite response than mine.
Diagnostic 7207118. Power cycled the surrounds. Absolute refusal to re hook up to my Soundbar. If it's relevant, I'm using a BT HH6 and there shouldn't be any signal drop issues.

I seem to recall there was an issue with the BT HH6 router, but I'm not that familiar with it, since I'm in the States. Perhaps a search of these boards for that might help you? I honestly don't recall if it was an issue that was resolved by an update to the router firmware, or if someone just switched back to an older router.

That all being said, I'd think that your issue isn't as much with the router (although I could be wrong), as I can't think of why it would be only affecting the surrounds, unless there's some 5Ghz interference involved. But I suspect that a Sonos rep would be along soon to look at that diagnostic, and give you a much more educated answer than I can. Best of luck!
And the search function on these boards doesn't please me, yet again. I can't find any of those threads. Sorry.
The HomeHub 6 was listed as not being 100% compatible with Sonos.

See here:

There is/was a problem with the HH6 handing out duplicate IP addresses.

Further details here:

Looks like BT are rolling out a firmware upgrade but am unsure on timescales.


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