Play 1's Stereo pair out of sync

  • 11 September 2019
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I have submitted a diagnostic for the below issue: 1989446319

I have 2 Play 1's that I use as a stereo pair, but last week they started being a split second out of sync so what was normally beautiful stereo sound is now an echoey mess. I've had to unpair them and just group them for now.

I had previously been part of a Beta and this issue started occurring during the beta, so much so I had to leave the beta to resolve it as no fix had come with any beta updates.

Everything has been fine for weeks now, but as of this weekend I can no longer use them as a stereo pair which makes me wonder whether I've received a "stable" update based off of an earlier beta I had issues with.

During the beta I could unpair and then pair my speakers again to resolve the issue for maybe an hour, however that does not work during this latest bout of the problem.

I've since factory reset my speakers which seemed to solve the issue, but today they're out of sync again.

Any ideas?

4 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for sending in the diagnostic report. Your 2 Play:1s are connecting through different wireless access points, and those access points are running on different wireless channels. This can make it difficult for Sonos speakers to stay in sync. Try changing all of your wireless access points over to the same channel, 11 is likely best in your area.

Generally, stereo paired speakers should be relatively close to one another, so they'd usually be connecting through the same access point. How far apart are they? If they are not paired, but grouped, the distance shouldn't matter as long as they're in range of your wireless network.

This isn't likely related to any beta program. Any beta related issues should not be discussed publicly as our program is covered under a NDA. You can head to our Beta community for help when in the program,
Thanks for looking into this.

Sorry for mentioning the beta (won't do that after this time), it just seemed like relevant information.

What you're saying makes sense.

My speakers are about 2 1/2 meters apart (not far at all) and my network is a mesh network (Google WiFi). A quick google suggests that mesh networks can be an issue for having stereo pair setups which I imagine is only going to get worse as these type of networks become more prevalent in homes. Does Sonos have any plans for better performance across mesh networks?

Checking my WiFi app I could see each speaker was connected to different points, so I turned one off to force both Play 1's onto the same point, which resolved the issue but its only a matter of time before one of them gets handed off to another point again for optimal performance.

Also I don't being to have any understanding of the wizardry that Sonos performs with their speakers, but whilst on different mesh points, why can they keep themselves in sync when grouped but not when in stereo pair?
Also, would a Sonos Boost stop this happening in the future?
Also, would a Sonos Boost stop this happening in the future?
Yes, it definitely should. The stereo pair will be able to talk to one another directly.

Google's WiFi mesh doesn't allow you to control its WiFi channels. When the two units of a Sonos pair attach to different access points, and those are using different channels, the two players are forced to communicate via a roundabout route over the wireless trunk between the Google devices. This can lead to sync problems and dropouts.