Play 1's cutting in/out

  • 19 November 2016
  • 1 reply

I have a sound bar and sub linked to the main TV, with two play 1s used for the secondary TV (all connected through a boost). When agrouped to the indoor tv the sound from the play 1s drop out for 1-2 seconds on a regular basis? Trying to work out the reason for this (the distance between all devices is approx 10 metres)

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1 reply

I'm having a hard time parsing that data you've provided.

Are the Play:1s connected as surround speakers to the Playbar?

Do the dropouts only occur when playing something from the TV, and not when streaming music from something other than the TV?

If I were to guess, it might be you have an IP conflict on the two Play:1s, and need to shut down/unplug everything, including your router, then start back up the router, followed every couple of minutes by the next device, so that they all get a new IP from the router before the next one comes up and requests something.

The other potential, although less likely, is that there's some sort of interference for the signal to your Play;1s, frequently exhibited by baby monitors, web cams, wireless phones, etc.

I'd recommend the next time it happens, you open the app and submit a diagnostic within a 10 minute window, and then post the number here for the Sonos folks to look at. They'll be able to glean more information from that diagnostic that would be pertinent to your situation than I can from your post.

Other possibilities are an issue with the audio being sent out via the optical cable from the TV, which could be from the source itself, and have nothing to do with your TV or Sonos. Hard to tell.