Play 1 not appearing on app

  • 14 January 2021
  • 3 replies

Play 1 sitting right next to google nest wifi point will not appear on S2 app unless I go and press main button on play 1 everytime I load up app. WIFI is good in room, all sonos connected to nest WIFI.

Any ideas?

3 replies

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Hi @Guacanoele.

Welcome, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community, We appreciate your time and effort in posting your concern here in our community.

Can you submit a diagnostic report from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number, for us to see the network to your Sonos speaker is connected?

If it's possible to transfer the speaker to a different location in the meantime for us to see if theirs any interference between google nest wifi and Sonos speaker.

Let us know if it works. If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.


Nest only been in one week.

Play 1 had this problem before.

Nest bought for just this kind of thing




I think it is something to do with my two play 1's as I don't have this issue with my One SL. Both play 1's become visible when I unplug them and then plug them back in. Upgrading them would probably solve the issue, but that will cost me a few hundred.