Play:1 Keeps Reverting to Private Network

  • 2 October 2021
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I have seen this question asked a number of times in multiple ways with no solution given. I’ll try again. I have a mesh Wi-Fi network broadcasting 2 networks: the private one, and our guest one. We want to move our Play:1 speakers to the guest network, but they keep reverting to their old (private) network! And we are getting increasingly infuriated at the abject shoddiness of the UX.

• I cannot connect ethernet to the guest network — all hard connections only go to the private network. Don’t suggest this. It cannot happen.

• I cannot turn off / disable the private network. It’s our primary network. Don’t suggest this. It cannot happen.

How do I tell these f***ing speakers to just f***ing forget the former f***ing private network?! It’s absurd!! Basically every mainstream device made in the last 2 decades has a “forget this network” option. This should be so simple: move to a different network. There are a million reasons why someone would want/need to do this, and the ability to do so should not be contingent on Ethernet — it’s 2021 for f***’s sake! — or rendering the former network(s) unavailable.

Tell me how to f***ing fix this, please!!


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3 replies

With all the unnecessary profanities I feel rather disinclined to assist, however I’d just point out that Sonos explicitly state that they don’t support guest networks.

Guest networks typically restrict access to network resources, in particular other client devices on the network. Under such conditions Sonos can’t work.


From SONOS Support: Remove a WiFi network from your Sonos system.

Realize that changing a WiFi network setup from a wireless unit could be as challenging as changing socks while running.

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