Play 1 forgets last played radio station

  • 23 September 2016
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Hi, I'm new to this commmunity and while I'm happy with my Play 1 I would like to find out if a slight nag with it can be helped shomehow.

More often than not, when I turn on the Play1 with the play button the led indicator flashes and it won't start to play while I expect it to continue playing the radio station when it was turned off the last time with said button.. I have to get my iPhone and open the controller to find out it says "No Music", and I have to select the radiostation again.

Back when I was still using Spotify as a streaming service, it would behave a little differently, and revert to the one playlist I had in Spotify. I since canceled Spotify and the playlist is obviously not there anymore, and I mainly use internet radio.

For convenience, can I set the Play 1 to continue the last played station, or at least set it to start with a specific station? BTW, I never unplug the Play from power so I would expect it to keep its setting.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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7 replies

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You've probably got some network issues that cause this.

Firstly try eliminating the IP address conflicts by switching off your router, Sonos gear and ALL devices attached to the network (NO cheating! Phones, tablets and so on). The switch router back, wait a few mins then if you have a Boost or Bridge switch that on, wait, then Sonos speaker(s), wait a couple of mins then switch everything else back on.

Make sure you Sonos wireless channel is NOT the same as your Wi-Fi and lastly make sure none of your Sonos gear is too close to the router ie try and remove any sources of wireless interference

Thanks, but the above did not help.

Meanwhile I've installed a Sonos Boost wireless basestation to rule out any interference on the wifi network of the house. The Boost is connected to the internet router by rj45 cable, so the Play 1 is "solo" on the proprietary Sonos Boost wifi network.

Still, though, when pressing the play button the Play 1 is often forgetful of the last played radio station and playback needs to be started again from the iPhone app (The app says "No music", and I need to re-select the radio station).

Can anyone see the logigc in this behaviour? Is it because at some point a connection was lost and not recovered?

Thanks 🙂
Two possibilities spring to mind:
- the PLAY:1 was powered off and on
- the PLAY:1 entirely lost its connection and reverted to Auto-IP for a while, triggering a soft restart

The logs in the diagnostic would show what was happening, so submit one and post the number if you want Sonos Support to take a look.

If having a set radio station available at a certain time of day is important, you can always configure an alarm to play the station at zero volume for 15 minutes at some earlier time. The station will then be ready to go at the push of the speaker's Play/Pause button.
Thanks for the answer, I've submitted a diagnostics file (6799550).

This is the config:
Associated ZP:
Serial Number: B8-E9-37-09-B9-A8:9
Version: 6.4 (build 331532141)
Hardware Version:
IP Address:
WM: 0
PLAY:1: Kitchen
Serial Number: 5C-AA-FD-46-AE-30:1
Version: 6.4.2 (build 331533210)
Hardware Version:
IP Address:
WM: 0

Thanks for the alarm tip, I'm going to set it up and let you know, it is always in the early morning anyway that I don't have my iPhone nearby to start up the Play1. 🙂
I have a similar problem: Two Play 1's as a stereo pair in a room.
I set a radio station in the morning, and, at the end of the day, I turn off the sonos with the play/pause button.
The following morning I press the play/pause button and the radio station has been completely forgotten. I have to go in and select the station from my favourites each day.
This used to work prior to two things happening, so one, or a combination is to blame.
1. I added a second play 1 in the room to make it a stereo pair, and, at about the same time..
2. There was a Sonos update.

If it's the stereo pair, i'm surprised, but that's easy for me to test as i'll just make them two independent speakers.
If it's the Sonos update i'm stuck until there's a fix that comes through.

Before you ask, no, my router is not rebooting, and all other Sonos product work fine on the rest of the system.

Any ideas?
Not exactly a solution, but the alarm setting above helps me enough to have a station ready to play in the morning.
Happy holidays 🙂
Just a quick update from my side: Problem appears resolved. It turns out my wife was unplugging one of the Play 1s' from the stereo pair to use the power socket for something else. She was then plugging the play 1 back in when she'd done. I've now set the power socket up differently so that the Play 1 doesn't need to be unplugged and now all seems fine.

Having experimented, a loss of power of a few seconds on one speaker will cause both stereo pair to lose their station.

Hope it helps others.