Play:1 disappeared.

I group and I group my new speakers as needed. When I opened the app one morning, the speaker for my bedroom was gone and has no info in app. Tried restarting etc. didn’t work. It still holds the solid white light as it did before. 1835553886 Diagnostics submitted.

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You might try the twitter support contact, usually faster response than here.
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Hi there, Pcflowe. Thanks for sharing your diagnostic report. Based on my findings, it seems that the Bedroom Play:1 is up and running. However, the Living Room is being deauthorized from the network. Additionally, the Living Room has to request information multiple times due to interference about 5%-35% of the time.

This tells me that the wireless environment is likely getting in the way. Is it possible to plug one of these Sonos devices into the network using an Ethernet cable?

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