Phone no longer reconnects to Sonos when in range.

  • 6 December 2018
  • 3 replies

I've already posted this issue in the 'Controllers & software' category. Here:

But I just want to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

Can any Android users confirm that their phone automatically reconnects to Sonos when in range of their wifi?

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3 replies

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Hi, Rudie. I'll reply in the other thread. Thanks!
Bump my original post isn't getting me anywhere.

To clarify my issue,:

Once the Sonos app is loaded, it can be immediately closed, and the controls will remain in the notification area. This is expected behaviour, and has been in the many years since I've owned the system.

99% of the time I listen to the radio, so opening the app isn't something I do often. Hence the play/pause/volume from the notification area or lock screen is sufficient.

The point is, that when I go out of range and return, the notification controls should show back up.

And Legnum Nick:

It would be nice to know. My phone is still operating in exactly the same way as Rudie is describing. If I leave the house, when I return the phone is not automatically [re]connecting to Sonos. This is slightly annoying as I often just hit play or pause on my phones lock screen controls, now I have to unlock the phone, start the app, then hit the control.

Are any other Android users experiencing this issue?
I just want a simple yes or no, then we will at least know if it is a phone issue or an issue with the app itself.