Phone app/Alexa/password issues

  • 3 February 2018
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Alexa does not work. My phone app says I needed to update my app. That does not work because it doesn't allow me to enter that same password I use to log into How can the same password not work? Furthermore, the app update that prompts me to enter my password does not prompt me to reset my password. It just says I can't log in. So I sit here with a non-functional Sonos system because the app update can't happen. Don't you have single sign on? And why not? I do not want multiple passwords for sonos. I simply want my sonos system to work and right now it does not. This is my second issue that my sonos was unusable in the 3 months since I bought it.

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1 reply

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Ok lets separate the questions here. Your first saying your Sonos app doesn't work. The Sonos app is asking you for your Sonos username and password. At what point is it asking you this. Lets assume you have just installed the Sonos app on your phone. You open it up and tell it to connect to existing system. Its asking your Sonos username then?

Your Sonos username is the one at (not this forum but You verified going to and logging in top right that you have correct username and password?

We will get to Alexa later - lets first just have your Sonos controller app up and working and showing your system.