Persistent issues with my Sonos system

  • 11 October 2018
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For the past several months, I have had problems with my Sonos system. The issues seem to be mostly with my music library and include the following:
1) Sonos app freezing. Happens on my PC and my iPad. I'm unable to stop or change what's playing.
2) Songs, particularly, longer songs, skip to next song when halfway done.
3) Persistent error messages when I try to access songs. Sometimes I have to click on a selection several times before it plays. Sometimes I'm not able to access the song at all.
4) My music library selections periodically change, having a number in front of them. Or album picture is missing.

I have entered several tickets and spoken to a Sonos support person twice. There was thought that problem could be caused by my anti virus software, but the issue is occurring on devices without firewalls. We've deleted and re-added music library at least three times. Problems are getting worse and occurring more frequently.


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7 replies

Not sure how good my speculation will be but here's something

1) I think this implies that your device is losing connection to the Sonos players, and since it's not getting data to update, it just stops working (this is a complete guess, mind you). I think I'd give strong consideration to reviewing the wifi interference FAQ since you've already removed any virus scanner potentials. I'd also give strong consideration to assigning reserved IP addresses to all of your equipment, in your router's DHCP table. You'll probably need to look at your router's manual (I recommend finding it online). While you're poking around in that area, make sure to update the router with any updates the company recommends.

2) This is an indication of the speakers dropping off your local network...and the fixes are as indicated as above.

3) I think this would also be a reflection of the controller (remote) losing the ability to contact the system, which lives on the speakers, to give it commands on what to go get to play.

4) This one stymies me. Where is your music stored? I guess it might be that the process of "getting" the list of music gets interrupted by the speakers losing contact with where the music actually is, and never completes processing it, but that doesn't explain the whole having a number added to the front of them thing. It would explain the missing art, if the process got stopped/broken in the middle.

So, my recommendation seems to be in answer 1). I think that will resolve a large portion, albeit perhaps not all of your issues.

One additional comment on the whole IP address thing. This is most often exposed when Sonos does a software update, but is actually the fault of the router losing track of data properly. Generally speaking, it should fix itself when the lease is renewed, but some routers don't seem to do that. So you may have seen some of this behaviour start after a software update.

There is a quick and dirty "fix" to the IP address issue, but it's not permanent, where the whole "assigning reserved addresses" is, so I recommend that.

Good luck!
Thanks. I will take a look at the WiFi FAQ site for possible solutions. The frustrating thing is that I've had Sonos for several years, and everything worked fine until a few months ago. I've not made any changes to my WiFi or Sonos configuration that could have caused the issue. I wonder if a software update from Sonos may be the problem.
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Hi cbernice

In addition to Airgetlam's excellent advice. I'd be curious to know what OS you are running on your PC and when was the last time you updated it and the same goes for your iPad (i.e. what version).

Windows 10. Can't remember last time it was updated. As for iPad, I will need to check the version.
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Software update wouldn’t be problem but sometimes you get ip address conflicts when system reboots. Do you know how to reserve new ip addresses for your Sonos units in your router.
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Windows 10. Can't remember last time it was updated. As for iPad, I will need to check the version.

OK...I would definitely get the latest updates for Windows 10. To check to see if the updates are available, go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update. Once there you may see "Updates Ready Pending Restart" or" Update Now". If nothing then click Check for Updates. If you are running Windows 10 Home version the updates may have installed automatically.

The latest version of iOS is v12. Assuming your iPad can run it.

Click the link for all Sonos system requirements (i.e. Windows/Mac/iOS/Android)

No, I don't. I have a Netgear router. Will have to go to their configuration site.