Periodic volume limiting well below speakers max -- can't find the bottleneck

  • 8 July 2019
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I have a recurring problem that only seems to show up SOMETIMES, perhaps with certain kinds of music. It was doing it today, so I submitted a diagnostic immediately:
Your confirmation number is: 1291235611.
My setup: The Sonos amp + 2 high-quality Elac speakers connected by high-quality wiring. Running the app on Apple products, including Macbook and iPhone. All software is updated.
The problem happens like this: 1) Pick a song or playlist. 2) Song starts fine. 3) Turn volume up. Still fine ... until about roughly 60 percent up on the slider, and usually on a bass beat, the song mutes completely AND auto-slides the volume to about 30 percent.. 4) However, the song continues to "play" -- the seconds counter continues, the icon is still in "play" mode, etc. (Note: the mute button is NOT "on" even though the volume has stopped) 5) I have discovered that if I hit the MUTE button on and off, the sound (at the lower volume) will come back! However, if I ease the sound up again, it will repeate the problem.
Here's what's really weird: Sometimes, I can play music through the Sonos app at VERY high volume (the speakers still sound terrific, they are great). I *think* that some sound/frequency common in electronic/hip-hop music is triggering a limiter somewhere, as the problem seems less with rock/R&B. However, the problem is not consisten enough to be sure -- but common enough for me to become quite frustrated!
I have checked that the Sonos app is NOT limiting volume, and don't know what else to do. I went to your forums but found no viable solutions.
Please help!
Thank you,

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