Partially failed ZP90?

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Originally I had no trouble with this, but for this whole past year, without touching anything, suddenly my ZP90 is only able to send an extremely faint signal to my receiver that it's hooked up to, on the 2nd zone of my receiver.

Basically I have the ZP90 allowing music to play through my receiver on the main zone, and it sounds just fine. The receiver supports "Zone B" which is for a pair of speakers in another room in the home. This used to work fine, but now, I crank up the volume of Sonos to the max as well as the receiver's, and u can hear the music, but it's extremely low volume and u have to put your ears up to the speaker to hear it. I tried setting it to fixed vs non-fixed volume, to no avail.

I know the issue is NOT with the receiver, because if I play a different source to this "Zone B" it plays nice and loud as expected (for example, FM radio, or a CD player). So the issue is with the ZP90. I tried to use fiber optic cable to connect to the receiver, and then tried analog stereo wires, to no avail. Same results. Again, this was not an issue originally. It cannot be my wire because as stated I tried 2 different ways.

Can the unit go bad from heat or something to affect this? I am stumped.

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Basically I have the ZP90 allowing music to play through my receiver on the main zone, and it sounds just fine.
In that case there's nothing wrong with the ZP90. The fact that it works fine validates the ZP90 and its connection.

Something must be awry with your receiver. What happens if you wire the ZP to a different input?
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I was thinking the receiver is fine, since for Zone 2 it can play internet radio, CD, or other sources and the volume out of the speaker pair in that room that it's connected to is just fine.

The ZP output to the receiver's main zone is just fine too. But when I use it as a source for Zone 2, the audio is extremely low as stated.

I haven't tried connected the ZP to another source to try. Guess I should. Thing is nothing comes to mind that I have which I can test with.
At the receiver's inputs, swap the ZP and CD cables over. If the CD then misbehaves on zone 2 you'll know that there's something funny about the way the receiver's dealing which that input jack.
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Lol my receiver is jam-packed in this barely-big-enough-for-it closet with all these wires and stuff, it's hard to pull it out with everything connected and replace wires! Don't worry, it has adequate ventilation (I have 3 fans in there pulling and pushing air out at the 1st and 2nd levels of the cabinet).

I will try this asap. Meantime, I certainly know that the receiver's "Zone B" circuitry is fine, because i just tried last night, for example, iPod/iPhone connectivity playing music to that zone and it's fine. So it has to be the ... plugs in back? But that makes little sense still to me because the optical as well as the stereo R/L wires yield the same result 😞 Maybe I can program another input to zone B and try it like that...can't recall if possible (like the HDMI inputs' programmability).

Assume that digital inputs are not passed through to zone2 unless there is big print stating this feature is supported (it's rare).

Also, many receiver inputs are assignable. For example, the CD input might give the choice of analog, digital coax, optical, or "Auto". In the Auto mode the receiver will use a precedence, usually optical, coax, analog. This means that if an optical signal is present, this will play even if analog is also present.

As I mentioned above, the digital inputs are not usually passed through to the zones. Often, one needs to make two connections to a device such as a cable box because the box needs the digital for surround and zones need analog.


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