Pandora Alarm keeps kicking off and plays CHIME

  • 20 April 2022
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I’ve been reading about how interference or loss of wireless connection can kick a playlist off the alarm, reverting to Chime which brings up a few questions as this keeps happening to my system.




  1. Is there anyway to set it so when the playlist is stopped it doesn’t play anything? That Chime is SO annoying.
  2. My system is wired so why would it stop playing? I don’t get any notification on Sonos that this has happened so I don’t know how to run a diagnostic.
  3. Is there anyway to remote in to resume play? If I’m not on-site, I have to drive over to resume play which is also annoying.




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1 reply

  1. No, not currently. Not sure it would be a popular feature to have an alarm, that depending on the state of the network, doesn’t play anything at the specified time.
  2. Lots of potential network reasons. The first that springs to mind is a potential duplicate IP address issue bumping off your speaker at the concurrent moment it’s attempting to reach out to find the Pandora station, but that’s just an initial guess. Here’s how to submit a system diagnostic
  3. Not really, no. The Sonos system depends on the controller device to be on the same subnet as the speaker.  I suppose there’s some odd way to do so with a remote tunnel/VPN, but in general, VPNs function in a way that is inimical to the way that Sonos operates.