pairing sonos 3 and sonos 5

  • 28 September 2016
  • 3 replies


I have already 2 sonos 3. I woudl like to buy a sonos player 5 and pair it with my sonos 3.

Is that possible in term of a global sound? is it better to pair sonos of same category only?


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3 replies

It depends what you mean by 'pair'.

You can only bond a stereo pair using two like models. It would be unrealistic to expect otherwise, since the timbre of each type of speaker is different.

You can however 'group' (not 'pair') two dissimilar models, say for one to play in room A and the other in room B.
It also depends on what you mean by global sound. If you mean sound that better covers than whole space than what the 3 units do, yes you can certainly add a 5 and group it with the 3 units - whether they are stereo paired or not. That they are different models will not affect the quality of the outcome.
thank you for your answers