Pairing Play Bar with Roku Ultra Remote

  • 10 January 2017
  • 8 replies

I just installed a new Roku Ultra and can't seem to pair the Roku remote to control the volume on the Play Bar. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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8 replies

Were you able to figure this out?
Did anyone figure this out. I want to control my LG tv and my sonos playbar
Also really interested in this topic. I bought an Ultra recently but have not been able to use its remote to control the volume on my playbar. I have to use my regular tv remote, which truly sucks. Would much rather use the Roku remote for everything.
still in the same boat as well. Currently using my LG tv remote purely for sound and the Roku remote for the rest.. should be able to solve this.. Does Sonos support staff check this forum?
Instead of hoping/waiting for Sonos/Roku to (probably never) address this, I went ahead and bought a Logitech Harmony 650 remote. It's doing what the Roku remote can't: control the Roku AND the Sonos Playbar volume. Hallelujah. I'd recommend it if you are as bothered as I was by switching remotes just to control the volume.
I have encountered the same problem with the Roku remote that came with my TCL 4K TV which uses Roku as the platform. I have 3 other Roku remotes which don’t have the headphone jack, and all of those pair to the playbar instantly, very frustrating.
Has anyone been able to resolve this? I have the roku ultra plugged into HDMI ARC and sonos plybar plugged in via Optical. The roku remote shows the volume level changing on the TV display however doesn’t actually adjust the volume coming out of the play bar. I have the speakers turned off on the tv.
My question is it a Software issue or Hardware issue with the Sonos/X Brand TV/Roku relationship? The Roku remote is IR, so I can't figure out why it cannot control the Playbar. The Sonos App, will let me walk through the "Change Remote" process, until it gets to the "Mute" button which a Roku remote, doesn't have. Why hasn't/won't Sonos write an update, so you can select a "Roku" remote, to control their playbar?

In all my Google searches, it looks like no one has responded from Roku or Sonos, but Roku's official Website position is this:

Can I use my Roku enhanced remote to control other devices?
Your Roku enhanced remote is designed to control volume and power for your TV. It cannot directly control other devices connected to your TV, such as an audio/video receiver (AVR) or sound bar.

However, your TV may be able to issue volume commands to your AVR or sound bar using a technology called HDMI CEC. In these cases, your Roku enhanced remote can indirectly control volume for your AVR or sound bar. For this to work, all your devices must be connected via HDMI, and all devices must support HDMI CEC and have this feature enabled. To learn if your TV, AVR or sound bar supports this technology refer to the device's documentation. Be aware that manufacturers may refer to HDMI CEC by a different name.

This is bummer, since upgrading to a Sony X900F series TV from a Samsung UNxxD6000 series that integrated beautifully with controlling the Samsung TV, the Roku (I tried both an Ultra and Stick+) and the Sonos Playbar. When I tried to setup the Sony, the Roku remote no longer will control the Sonos Playbar, Sony TV and Roku at the same time for one smooth interface. I'm not sure if it's a Sonos or a Roku issue, but for two very popular devices, PLEASE, work with each other to help your consumers! I don't think Sony will do it, since they have always wanted you to buy "Sony"