Overlap of S1 in S2 App

  • 6 October 2021
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Happens more frequently now but when I open S2 it gives me a found my network, upgrade to S2 or else the S1 speakers pop in. I either have to just exit out and back a bunch of times or else have to reset my phone or sometimes that doesn’t work and I have to find an S2 device and manually start it in hopees it show up. A little frustrating especially as it’s been getting progressively worse over the past few weeks. 


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8 replies

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Sorry overlap. Bad typing and no spellcheck prior to saving. 

Interesting. I can’t think of any particular reason why that should occur, other than some device having a lingering knowledge about the previous state of things.

I’d certainly try a network refresh, by unplugging all Sonos devices from power. Once they’re unplugged, reboot your router. When the router comes back up, plug back in your Sonos devices.

It may be that a reload of all the various OS’ and network devices will fix the issue. 

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They are on the same Network but different Sonosnet Channels. Under “Manage Networks” it says “update networks” and then when I click on it asks me “do you want to add a trusted network to Sonos or make a change to an existing network?” I did replace my modem a few months back but not my router.

Sounds like a situation whereby the current S2 system was created (as an upgrade) from an existing S1 HH and that both therefore have the same HouseholdID - so both systems are operating in what is usually referred to as ‘mixed mode’, rather than two entirely separate S1/S2 systems.

Usually, after upgrading, the S1 devices to S2, the S1 devices that are left behind should ideally be factory reset, as should the S1 App too.. and from that a brand new S1 HH ideally should be created, which will then have an entirely separate Sonos HouseholdID to the S2 system.. and when doing that, (as the saying goes).. "Never the Twain shall meet”. See this support link:

But, there are issues with this, as the setup for a new S1 Household is now a slightly more difficult process these days, particularly if the S1 Household still has S2 compatible devices and the S2 App is also installed on the mobile controller that’s to be used for the S1 setup - but those issues are covered in other posts/threads on the forum. In summary, it’s best to switch off the S2 HH devices and remove the S2 App before setting up the S1 HH, which can only be done with an S1 (only) compatible product, such as a Play:5 (gen 1), just to mention one example. The S1 (only) compatible devices are mentioned in this Sonos support link: (see ‘S1 Required’ products list):

Ah, I see I misunderstood the setup. For some reason, i didn’t process that you have both an S1 and an S2 network running simultaneously. I’ve not run such a system, so I’ll defer to the most knowledgeable @Ken_Griffiths here :)

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I think Ken has got this all figured out: reset the left-behind S1 devices and set them up as a fresh household.

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When you say fresh household are you talking about setttup different email and login etc..?

When you say fresh household are you talking about setttup different email and login etc..?

No, you can use the same Sonos account. You would just need to set them up as a new system, as opposed to adding them back to the existing one. This will give that group of players a new ID and keep them separate :slight_smile: