• 28 January 2016
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I have 5 restaurants and two homes that all use Sonos products. At home, I have 7 CONNECT:AMP products. For some reason, two of them are running very hot. 5 of them sit at around 80 degrees when not being used. 2 of them are at 100-110 degrees at idle. I'm assuming something is wrong. Is this a problem?

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5 replies

Sounds like a problem to me, how many speakers do you have connected to the two hot amps? I wouldn't have thought any of them should be at 80 degrees when idle, my c:a is cool to the touch when it's not doing anything, I can't imagine why yours are so hot, you don't have a live line-in running permanently or anything like that do you?
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I am no stand-alone speaker expert (so please correct my assumptions!), but here are some possible points:

- Does the resistance (in Ohm) of the speakers differ between the AMPs? There seem to be 4 and 6 (and even 😎 Ohm speakers, with 4 Ohm putting the most strain on the AMP. Have a look at for that.
- Do they differ in number of speakers? 4 speakers might put more strain on the AMP than 2.
- Are the volume levels different?

If the CONNECT:AMPS are truly unhappy about their environment, they'll let you know by shutting down.

In addition to heating caused by additional speaker loading, you could have almost unnoticeable differences in air circulation around the units. A little air circulation can result in dramatic temperature differences.
I have a problem with one CONNECT that keeps shutting down due to heat. It is sitting next to three others, all using the same B&W speakers in different zones in the house. I believe the one in question got too hot and damaged the device. It now shuts down on a regular basis, while the other three work fine. I ended up replacing the one CONNECT and adding a fan for air circulation. I hope that solves this problem. Have others seen anything similar to this?
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I don't have a serious heat problem but I just worried that they were warmer than I liked. I put a surplus CPU heat sink on top of each of my Play 80s, just wiped the dust off and set it on the metallic logo, cooled them down several degrees.

If you use a heat sink with a fan you'd see even more cooling. Using a 12 volt fan and supplying it with 5 volts from a USB port/supply will usually get it running at a very low speed where it is very quiet.