Ouch! Painfull feedback/reverb via Vinylplayer

  • 16 September 2017
  • 4 replies

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Have a typical Playbar/Sub/Play1 etc. VinylPlayer connected via Connect. Latest Sonos App update.
There is a massive amount of feedback above a certain volume from vinyl. (All units stylishly placed apart!) I notice a distinct electrical hum via the turntable so will be asking Flexson too.

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4 replies

An inexpensive way to add isolation is to make feet for the turntable from two racquetballs cut in half. Does a good job, I hear.
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Thanks for the advice. The TT is a strange affair as recently it decided to calm down. ( It's the Vinylplayer with built in preamp) However the issue of the Sub Feedback is my main worry. A sub getting upset is not a nice thing to hear. May just be the Supertramp album 😃
Feedback on a turntable is usually caused by poor isolation in the turntable. Make sure it's not physically on the same surface as your speakers, which will allow vibrations to be picked up. If your floor isn't a slab, consider wall mounting the turntable. Or get a turntable with better isolation. Acoustic Research figured this out years ago with their AR XA turntable, which is still an excellent design, copied by far more expensive companies like Linn.
May be a grounding issue. Is there an external preamp between the TT and Connect? If yes, have you run a cable from the TT to the ground plug on the preamp?
If the TT has a built in preamp, this isn't necessary and in any case there isn't a ground terminal to use on the Connect.