Opdating musiclibrary keeps looping forever

  • 31 December 2016
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The last few days my sonos system have had problems updating the music library (never had this problem before, and haven't made changes to setup or configuration). SonosBridge and QNAP TS-119 NAS are both wired to my router. I have been switching it all of and on again, but opdating seem to take forever (at least more that 9 hours). It used to take just a few minutes. I am not close to any limits (checked it using The only odd thing i found was that the system date was set to 2017-01-01 although its still just 31-12-2016. Maybe this triggers a never ending synchronization? Is there a problem with the sonos timeserver?
I have tried to uncheck the option "Set date and time from the internet" and setting time manually instead, but this seem to be imposible (both from IPAD and PC), as the date switches back to 2017-01-01 again. Setting the date back to 2016-12-30 works, but that's the wrong date too.
I have tested my NAS by reading files from my PC, and this is done quite fast, so I don't think the problem lies here.
This is really frustrating. Hope someone can give me a clue to what could be wrong.

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1 reply

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Hi HenrikT, welcome to the community. I'm sorry this reply is quite late; we had a lot of backlog to work through. We did have an issue around New Year where the time was not being set properly. This has now been fixed. Please could you reply here if you are still experiencing problems indexing the library from your NAS drive?