One Sonos out of three fails to play local FLAC tracs

  • 22 November 2016
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Hi All,

I'm wondering where to start with this...

We've recently got our three ZP100 Sonos units back out of storage after a house rebuild and one of the units is failing to play our music collection. Two of the units should be hard-wired to the network and one operates wireless. Currently the wireless unit and one of the wired units works fine but the third in the lounge just seems to skip over the tracks when trying to play a album in the desktop controller. If I try to play one song the controller shows a message "unable to play 'xxxx' the song is not encoded correctly". If I try to play this song on any of the other units it's fine...?

The failing ZP100 is located in a cabinet under our TV and next to an XBox which is similar to how it was before the house renovation project when it seemed to work fine.

The failing unit is happy streaming content via Apple Music or via the TuneIn radio service - just not from our local NAS (again hard wired into the network)

Can anyone give me some steps to help start identifying what may be going on?



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12 replies

Your best bet would be to wait for the problem to occur, then submit a diagnostic and list the reference number here. The diagnostic will show the Sonos support techs what is going on and they can make a recommendation. For info on how to submit a diagnostic, see this link:
It sounds like it could be a simple IP address conflict. Try a reboot of all the devices on the network.
Hi. It may just be that the signal there is not good enough to cope with FLAC bandwidth. Swap a couple of them over and see which fails - location or unit.
I believe the ZP's wired.
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OK - I've submitted a diagnostic (6774165)! After 8 years of ownership I didn't even know that was there. What happens next or do I just wait for an email from Sonos?
Sonos Support should stop by and pick up the diagnostic.

Did you try a network reboot as suggested?
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Ratty - Could it really be this (as it plays streamed content OK)?

I can do it but we have 15 - 20 devices (servers, printer, laptops etc) that connect via wired or wireless connections (It's probabably 75% wired) so it's a little more painful than it could be. I will try swapping a unit over and see if the fault follows the unit or stays in the location...
The "unable to play 'xxxx' the song is not encoded correctly" error is often due to network disruption. Lurking behind this message can be addressing faults, a bad cable, wireless interference, throttled bandwidth, all kinds.

It'll be interesting to see if your problem moves with the ZP when you swap them.
I believe the ZP's wired.Apologies. As of now I'm going to stop doing this on my phone - missing too many details.
As of now I'm going to stop doing this on my phone - missing too many details.
I find one needs the patience of Job to do this stuff on a phone. For a start it's hard to keep a dozen tabs open and function without a clipboard manager.
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Well I pulled out the ZP and found that the network cable hadn't been plugged in as it should have so I think Ratty you were onto it although I must admit I'd misdirected things believing it to all be wired in!

After plugging a network cable (borrowed from the wired TV) back in I rebooted the ZP and surprisingly it started everything OK again. I then thought I'd try what happens wirelessly, and removed the cable and to be fair it's still playing OK. What I suspect has happened is that when it's in the cabinet there are quite a few wires around it so the wireless signal must have degraded too much.

I'll go and find another cat5 cable and get it all connected as it should be and fingers crossed that's my first issue in 8 years sorted! Thanks all - I appreciate the help!

A flaky cable would have resulted in an unstable topology, as the ZP flipped between a wired and wireless connection.