One of my speakers has stopped working

  • 30 January 2018
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Since updating the App yesterday to V 8.3.1 one of my speakers has stopped working. It's still visible on the app and the app claims it is playing on all three speakers but it's not. Can't even get the "rogue" speaker to play on it's own using the app or Alexa command. I've tried re-tuning the speaker but the app won't even let me do that.

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12 replies

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Can you open the Sonos App>Help>About and check if the Version and Build is the same on all your Sonos Players - it may be that the Player that has dropped didn't get updated.

Try connecting that Player that can't connect via an Ethernet cable to your Router and check for software update.
Thanks, tried that but all speakers are at the same software level - v8.3 Build 40549090.
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I suggest that you Factory Reset the problem player and try re-adding to your system:
Thanks again. Looking at the link, Factory Reset sounds pretty draconian - "Factory resetting any of your Sonos products is not recommended and should not be done in an attempt to resolve an issue." Any other suggestions first?
Don't know if it's of relevance but the speaker in question is attached to the main router, whereas the two downstairs are on a WIFI extender (presumably SONOS sees this as one network?).
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As long as this isn't your only Sonos device, it isn't an issue. People with one player only will lose their entire set-up and settings but as you've multiple devices this is would be fine.

With regard to your comment about the other players, have you removed the Wi-Fi credentials in the Sonos App>Settings>Advanced>wifi Setup?
One of my Sonos1 speakers won't play music. LED light stays white. The App says it's connected to network. Alexa works but I'm not getting any sound/music. The updated hardware version is correct with all of my other speakers. Help.
I'd recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of replicating this issue, and either post the number here, or contact Sonos to discuss it. There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.
One of my Sonos1 speakers isn’t working properly. I’ve submitted my diagnostic report. It’s 864723388.
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Hi, bradonair. Thanks for the diagnostic. Can you detail what the issue is and which speaker we are discussing?
The speaker with the issue is our Sonos1 in the office. Alexa works but I’m not getting any music playing. It’s software is up to date. It seems to be getting a WiFi signal. Not sure what else it could be.
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Oddly, that speaker has almost the best communication of any other on the system. Was this diagnostic submitted shortly after the issue occurred? Can you initiate playback without using Alexa?
This happened to me today. One of the Play:1 speakers went numb, although the light was white and it controlled the volume of the other speaker. These speakers were paired in stereo mode. I entered the app, split the stereo mode and then rebuilt it. This made the trick: the pair is working perfectly now. I hope this helps.