One of my PLAY:1 speakers is connected but no sound

  • 19 October 2016
  • 2 replies

As of today, one of my PLAY:1 speakers stopped playing sound. I can see it and interact with it in the controller, but no sound. Within the past hour, it has come back on for a few minutes but currently no sound. Can someone review my diagnostics?

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2 replies

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You need to specify the diagnostic number in the thread as Sonos won't know which is yours amongst the hundreds that are submitted daily.

But before you do that I'd suggest a re-boot of your system:-

Turn OFF your router, Sonos items AND EVERY item on your network - ie phones, tablets, NAS (No cheating!)

Then restart router, wait a few minutes, then your Sonos Plays (Bridge or Boost first if you have them), wait a few mins then re-start everything else.

This will help resolve any IP conflict issues you may have and your symptoms you describe would suggest a possible IP conflict.
Sorry for the delay.

Your confirmation number is: 6659182.

The PLAY:1 is currently working. I'm leaning towards an issue with the station that was playing.