One finicky controller

  • 24 April 2018
  • 1 reply

We use several devices in our home to control our sonos set up. Everything seems to be working on the desktop, iPhones and iPads, but I'm consistently having issues dropping speakers and music favourites from the controller on my laptop. Currently the controller on my laptop shows no rooms/speakers and no favourites. I've reset and done a full uninstall reinstall and this has not solved the problem (please note, no speakers/no favourites happened before the uninstall/reinstall). Short of reconnecting every speaker in the house to the laptop version of the controller (honestly, if I do this, will it mess up the other controllers? It's not obvious nor intuitive), is there another solution?

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1 reply

Couple of suggestions/comments, if I may.

1) You can have up to 32 controllers connected to your system. Think of them as remote controls like your TV set. None of them really store any information, all of that is on the speakers, and read in to the controller when it starts up, or is read when you go to the area that calls that data.

2) The issue you're having with the laptop seems odd/unusual. If you connect your iPhone or iPad at the same time, do they show the favorites and rooms/speakers? That would lead me to the impression that your laptop is losing connection in some way to the wifi signal, either by connecting to another SSID (do you have a mesh network set up?) or perhaps an issue with a duplicate IP address?

3) I'd recommend that the next time you reproduce this issue, you may want to (on the laptop) submit a system diagnostic, and call in to Sonos to discuss it. There's likely to be information within that which will tell the folks at Sonos why exactly the data is missing.