old Play5, new play3 - combo with sub?

  • 12 December 2016
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I have an old 5 and recently rebuilt my house.
I Would like to expand my sonos system and was considering buying another 5. But then I realised that maybe I could do with a new 3 and add a sub instead, in combo with old 5?

My question is, would these work well together? On the sonos homepage, there is talk about the system working together, thus creating a dynamic where a sub allows the 3 and 5 to focus more on mid and high ranges. Is this true? Does it work in combo with older 5?

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4 replies

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Just a couple of thoughts.

All the Sonos speakers (Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5) can be PAIRED to allow full stereo reproduction - the only caveat being that you cannot PAIR a Play 5 Gen 1 to a Play 5 Gen 2 (You obviously can't pair a 1 with a 3 and so on!)).

I have a pair of Play 3 in stereo and I'm pretty happy with them - the bass is pretty good though I'm sure a Sub would enhance that. From all accounts the new Play 5 are awesome in terms of their overall music performance and especially for bass. The feeling being that the Sub does most for the Play 1 and least for a Play 5.

If you bought a pair of Play 3s and Paired them as stereo and then bonded the Sub to that pair your could then GROUP that cluster of speakers with the Play 5 you have - the 5 would be in perfect synch to the Play 3s/Sub but it would play the full music range (It wouldn't use the Sub bonded to the Play 3s) - I'm sure it would sound ok but in my opinion wouldn't do anything for your stereo separation.
You'd be better off putting the 5 in a different room (kitchen say) and putting your new pair where you want to listen to music.
Hi Stuart! Thanks for quick response! Great answer. I have one more question though... The 5 new gen obviously sounds great. Could I do with two new play 5s (and move the old one, as you recommend, to another room)? Alternative being two play 3 + sub.
I recommend choosing between a 5 pair and a 1 pair+ Sub - there isn't much sense in spending more for a 3 pair + Sub.

If you do a lot of moderate to low level listening, I suggest 1 pair + Sub because the Sub does more to add richness to low level sound than any play unit pair can do on its own. That setup would also go louder than a 5 pair, but the 5 pair may shade it in sound quality.
And since you have a gen 1 Play:5, in order to pair it with another Play:5, it would also have to be a gen 1. Reiterating what was said before, but it's worth repeating. 🙂