Sonos app on iPad tells me I have conneted to Spotify, but Spotify wont play through Sonos

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Do you have a Spotify premium account? Spotify requires that in oder to connect the account to your Sonos system, you do need a "premium" account.

Also... if you are trying to control Sonos from the Spotify App: "For the Sonos devices to show up in the Spotify app under “DEVICES AVAILABLE,” you will first need to link your Sonos products to your Sonos Account by tapping on Settings > Control Sonos from Spotify and following the on-screen prompts. This option is found under Advanced Settings > Music Sources on the Mac and PC Sonos apps."
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Alternatively... your players could be experiencing wireless network interference/noise and as a result can't form the necessary connection to Spotify to start your stream?
Yes I do have Spotify premium- only since yesterday. Sonos does show up as one of the devices on the Spotify app. When I try to play music through the sonos app it tells me I need premium? May it just be that the new premium account hasn't filtered through yet? Thanks for your help.


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