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  • 5 March 2022
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I have a Play 1, Play 5 (Gen 1) and Playbar with a Gen 1 Bridge and over the last 18 months with the introduction of S2 software had increasing trouble connecting everything together but right now I can’t connect anything at all?


I’ve tried all the usual….. unplug everything, re install everything, turn router off and on etc but none of the devices can be found in either of the Sonos apps or directly from Spotify.


any suggestions?


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5 replies

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But you are using S1 app only? So introduction of S2 has had no impact whatsoever on your system.

Possibly the Bridge has failed if no devices are found.

What happens if you (temporarily) wire another of your Sonos devices instead of the Bridge?

Cheers, yes the 5 works if wired directly. It seems the bridge is the issue.

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If it is not convenient to leave the Play:5 wired, you could add a Boost.

The Boost is the updated equivalent of the Bridge.

Under your Sonos account online, look under Upgrade; you should see option to upgrade the Bridge which will give you 30% off a Boost, or you could pick one up 2nd hand.

Thanks again, if I upgrade to the boost will that still work on the S1 system and connect to my Play 1 and 5?

Yes, a BOOST can run either S1 or S2, just not both simultaneously.