Not playing and then playing random song

  • 26 March 2021
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I have a four Sonos system - move, 2 one, and a sound bar. We have the wireless bridge hardwired to the router. 

when I play a song, it’s telling me that the song can’t be added to the playlist (even though the song plays for a few seconds) and then that song stops and a random song starts to play everywhere. 

not sure what’s going on, but I ran a diagnostic: 658950129

Any Ideas?



2 replies

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Try rebooting your router and phone and unplugging the Bridge from power for about a minute.

I’d also give strong consideration to replacing that BRIDGE with a BOOST. The older device is known to have issues with its power supply at this point in time, which can potentially cause a raft of hard to track down issues. The BOOST, which is the replacement device, has better radios, better interference rejection, and is both S2 and S1 compatible.