Not all music files transfer to the Music Library

  • 5 February 2017
  • 6 replies

I have noticed that not all my music files on my NAS transfer over to the Sonos Music Library. They are WAV files, using 192 Kbps. I have tried to update the Music Library numerous times, but always the same result. For some musicians or group, only one or two albums will transfer, but not others yet all were ripped on with the same WAV configuration and bit rate. Any ideas?

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6 replies

Look in the Folders view in Sonos. Are they there? WAV metadata is non-standard and it's not a good choice for your music. Why aren't you ripping to lossless FLAC?

BTW files don't transfer, they are just indexed.
Hi John: Thanks for the reply. When I look in the Sonos folder, they are not there, yet they are on my NAS drive. I agree that WAV is not the best, but prior to installing the Sonos system I had ripped hundreds of songs in the format and am planning little-by-little to convert. One thing I have experienced with a few lossless files that i have used is that the songs get interrupted as they play. Maybe something to do with my wireless router, or set-up in Sonos?
Hi. I thought the reason they might show up in Folders but not under artists was because of dodgy metadata. Evidently not. Sonos can handle lossless flawlessly, and does for me. Wiring a Sonos component (speaker or Boost) to trigger SonosNet would almost certainly sort it, or you may have other resolvable networking issues.

190kbps is pretty low. I would still say set yourself the target of re-ripping 20 CDs a week to FLAC lossless. This is the rest of your music listening life we are talking about here! You probably only play 20% of them 80% of the time anyway.
Hi John: I had to laugh out load when you mention "This is the rest of your music listening life we are talking about here!" Just within the last two years I made a serious upgrade to our music system and have been asking myself why I waited so long. So now, I'm making up for lost music time!
BTW - what FLAC system would you recommend? And do you know of a ripping program which is fast?
Haha. Well all the more reason not to compromise your listening with low bitrate files. The key thing is to rip to a Sonos-supported bit depth and sample rate - see link below. In particular don't rip to 24-bit FLAC.

I use dbpoweramp to rip. I'm not sure it's particularly fast but it's reliable, and this is the sort of thing you can set running while you do something else. It's only a few minutes per CD.

I thing you can get rippers that will take stacks of CDs but obviously you are into a lot more money if you are buying hardware, There are also ripping services that will do it all for you.

Hope that helps.
Hi John: Thanks again!