Not able to "update" devices after leaving beta program (error 10)

  • 26 November 2021
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Hi. I decided to leave beta program 2 days ago. I received the email as planned telling me I had to reinstall the Sonos app from the play store.

After this, my system need to be “upgraded” (beta version is 13.4.1, while current production version is 13.4). All my Sonos One’s give an “error 10” while trying to update. Error 10 should be about S1 systems upgrade but this is just not the case, since I haven’t any.

I tried to reset anything and start  for scratch, but the problem persists. I can use the speakers, but the app tells I have to upgrade, but I can’t.

Is it possible Sonos didn’t think about people leaving beta program?

Please tell me if there is a solution.


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Since these forums are for people who aren’t in a beta, nor choose to break the NDA they agreed to not to discuss beta issues in the public forums, you’re unlikely to get a good response from this community. I’d suggest your best bet would be to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

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Ok I will do, even if I think this has really little to do about NDA.

You seem, from what you’ve posted, have beta software on your system. I’d suggest that makes everything ‘beta’ related, which I assume you needed to agree to some sort of NDA. But then again, I’ve not seen this NDA, but have crafted a few in other areas of software, but not for Sonos. 

But no matter, as I indicated, these public forums would have no experience in ‘downgrading’ from a beta piece of software in any case, you’d need to speak directly to people who are much more likely to understand the issues. 

Ok I will do, even if I think this has really little to do about NDA.


It has everything to do with the NDA.