Noobs guide to Sonos Amp and. Turntables

  • 5 February 2017
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So after many years of happy Sonos play I thought I'd stump up no get some of my vinyl back in rotation, I bought the Sonos:Amp and an Audio Technika AT-LP120. Foolishly I assumed it be as simple as adding the amp to my existing setup plugging in the turntable through the phons plus on the Amp and away you go. I guess not, can anyone suggest a step by step guide to getting this system to work?

Many thanks

Best answer by John B 5 February 2017, 22:45

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4 replies

Ypu need a pre-amp, either built into the turntable or separate. Pre-amp output connects to Connect line-in. Choose Line-in source on Sonos (or set Autoplay). Then drop the needle.

See here for more:
Can't give you a step by step, but a few pointers. But first.... do you have a pair of legacy passive speakers to go with the Connect:Amp? If not, why did you buy a Connect:Amp not a Connect? In fact a Play:5 might have been an even better choice ... but let's leave that for the moment.

Looks like your model has a pre-amp built in (good) but you probably need to track down the "pre-amp selector switch" and make sure it is set to "line".

Then using the link below for info, choose an Autoplay room. Then start a record playing and see what happens!

But if you don't have any legacy speakers, the Connect:Amp was a mistake and you should be looking to exchange it. Come back for more info.
Thanks John, it was the 'line' switch as you suggested but the Connect:Amp is all packed up going back to Amazon for a Connect. I do have some speakers but chances are I'll never hook them up.

Thanks again.
OK. Even a Connect is an expensive way of getting a line-in. You are sure you don't want a Play:5? Your call - both are viable options.