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OK. To answer Airgetlam’s question and to describe everything that might be a factor.
Here is my setup (full disclosure)…

I have Sonos components in three rooms. There are two TVs. There is 1 spectrum cable box….

Room 1) In the room that is experiencing the problem.
- 1 Vizio M55-E0 TV (The Visio TV that I described)
- 1 Sonos Playbar
- 1 Spectrum Cable box (TV by a HDMI cable, and now attached directly to the Playbar by an optical cable)

(Note: There is NOT a Sonos sub woofer or any satellite speakers in this setup)

To answer Airgetlam’s question “Look at the audio settings on each device, and make sure they're set to Dolby Digital as well.”, I’ve configured the TV as stated. I don’t know what other “devices” I can configure (i.e. Sonos Playbar or Spectrum Cable box)? But if you point me in the right direction I can do it.)

Room 2) In the Other Room, which has been off all day, and should have no affect….but you never know so I’m mentioning it now…
- 1 Vizio P65 TV
- 1 Sonos Playbar
- 2 Sonos Play 5 speaker configured as a stereo pair (not as satellite speakers)
- 1 Sub woofer
- A Sonos connect AMP that has 2 sets of wired, non Sonos, outdoor speakers attached
- A Blu Ray player (attached to the TV by a HDMI Cable)

(Note: I do not have a cable box attached to the TV in Room 2. I use this room mainly to listen to music or watch a show via Netflix. I have not experienced a problem with this setup. However, I have not used it that much to watch TV.)

Mean while…., in room 1 which has been experiencing the problem, the TV with the optical cable "now" connected directly from the cable box to the Playbar, bypassing the TV, has been running for nearly 2 hours without experiencing the problem. I will let it run for a few more hours. I agree with John in that this will tell us something useful.

Thanks to all
Update: The TV has been on for about 5 hours with the optical cable plugged directly from the Cable box to the Sonos Playbar and the sound hasn't cut out so that might indicate something.....I'll keep on trying to make it fail tomorrow...
Assuming the connection from cable box to TV is HDMI you could go back to original configuration and experiment a bit changing HDMI cables and TV HDMI sockets. Make sure the connections are solid too. I don't really expect this to be the issue but you would really curse if that is what it turned out to be after trying everything else.

But if you only use the cable box as a source here you could just leave it in the new configuration.
I have experienced the same issue. Sonos support told me that it might be related to a software update released by Vizio. The only solution I found is to switch the audio source to PCM instead of Dolby or Bitstream.
Here is an update: I switched the optical cable back from the TV to the Playbar. I called the Vizio support and they had me switch the TV's Audio Output to "PCM". The TV ran for 5 hours without experiencing the problem. However, when I look at the Playbar diagnostics it says that it is receiving "Stereo" and not Dolby Digital 5.1. So I assume that it is receiving only two channels. I am now trying "Bitstream" as the TV Audio Output setting. When I set the TV to "Bitstream" the Sonos Playbar diagnostics says that it s receiving Dolby Digital 5.1. I have not tried a new HDMI cable yet. I need to buy one first.
PCM is stereo.
My latest test seems to confirm that the Vizio TV Digital Audio Output setting of "PCM" is the only setting that doesn't experience the problem. The settings of "Auto", "Dolby Digital", and "BitStream" all experience the problem.
Probably not worth buying another cable then. TV seems to be the issue so best to bypass it. Any reason not to?
I called Vizio support and I talked to another person that read my support case. He said that the most of the time the problem is caused by a setting in the cable box. After I gave him the cable box information, he looked it up a walked me through getting to the setup menu to the audio. The audio setting in the Set top cable box had the setting "Dolby OFF". I changed it to "Dolby ON", and then I changed the TV's "Audio Output" back to "Dolby Digital" from "PCM" and it ran without cutting off for 5 hours. I will keep it this way for several days to see if the problem is fixed. If this works I would say "Airgetlam" was right about making sure everything was set to "Dolby" and if I was Santip77 I would try this to see if it fixes his problem...
Yea, that's a problem, too many different devices to check to make sure that they're set to Dolby Digital. And many people don't take the time to do that. And some devices don't seem to have that ability to be set so, according to some posts I've seen here.
Thanks Rich. I have u-verse and my cable box is already configured for Surround System. Sometimes the issue can be resolved simply by changing channels, but I think this is definitely a problem with the latest firmware update from Vizio. The same combination of cable box and TV have worked with no problems for months, and they only started having issues after the latest update.
Same issue here with my sound bar/sub/2 play 1s in 5.1 setup. I have my vizio m70-c3 set to bitstream for 5.1 sound. previously no issues. Diagnostic 7713748.

I have a Vizio M701d-A3, and don't have any issues on it. I'd recommend double checking to be sure that you've got the latest firmware on it. I'll try to keep an eye out on this thread to see what Sonos says about that diagnostic.
No Dolby or bitstream sound after latest update. The tv goes completely silent and the Sonos app shows silence instead of Dolby. The only way to get sound is to switch to stereo or pcm on the tv. Diagnostic 7756278
Im so frustrated with this set up with sonos now. Sound does not work on commercials (not unhappy about that but weird) Sound wont work when I call up a program from Xfinity such as an old series of Showtime or HBO etc. Literally no sound. I can use my sony tv speakers but sonos quits. I loose sound when I switch channels randomly all the time now. I have a XBR 65X900A. I have the sonos sound bar and the Sub. Sometimes muting brings sound back when it quits or turning the tv off then on but lately this is not working either. Something is very wrong with sonos...very, very, very unhappy customer...Version 7.4 build 37244160
I'd recommend that you post in this thread:

It seems to be the place where they're accepting Diagnostics that get you into a special beta release, which seems to be fixing a lot of issues around the 5.1 signal on the PLAYBAR/PLAYBASE.