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Recently my soundbar and sub will not play audio in from the tv via my optical cable. I have tried a power reset and also checkijg the optical lead for the read light but to no avail. Diagnostics number 7571077

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I've experienced a similar problem since updating my software on Saturday. The TV audio - supplied through optical cable - randomly craps out at various times. Sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes 60, sometimes it stays on. If i switch audio sources an then back to TV, it restarts no problem, but it's obviously pretty inconvenient. I have an ongoing ticket open with support and have submitted multiple diagnostics, but no progress yet.

I'm curious if this is related to the latest update. System worked flawlessly for years under same setup before this issue.
So yours works sometimes but then loses signal so to speak and then by changing outputs to tv and back to soundbar sorts this? Mine will not play from tv but will play music through the app. I looked on google and found a few people having similar issues hence checking the optical lead and also doing a power reset but no luck. It could be that the new software update has caused issues. I am also awaitikf a reply
yes. TV works fine for some duration of time and then goes quiet for no reason. If i switch over to google play or my music library it plays that music fine and then i reselect the TV audio as the source and it plays fine for some duration of time until it drops again. I had my music drop out of other speakers the other day, but have not been able to replicate that, so it may have been my wife playing on a different device.
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Hi guys, we'll need some more details here to see what's going on. The main thing showing up on that diagnostic is that you aren't getting an optical signal to the PLAYBAR with audio on it. Which would support the fact that you aren't hearing anything, there's nothing coming in.

What's the model of the TV that you're working with? Also, what sources are you playing on the TV, and how are they connected?
TV is Visio P65-C1

Router is a google OnHub. I'm also using a Sonos Boost.

The optical cable runs from a monoprice hdmi switcher which receives HDMI input from a Charter Spectrum cable box, Sony BluRay Player, and Nintendo Switch.

I've used this setup for years with no problem. Only change is Sonos update. The audio began dropping immediately after running the system install on 7/1. If there were an issue with the optical cable, I would find it surprising that switching the sources on sonos and immediately switching back would fix it as the cable has not been touched.
I’ve submitted multiple diagnostics to date:
Thank you for getting back to me. Are you saying the optical cable is defective?
Im not sure on exact spec but its a samsung 9 series 55 inch. It was the flagship top of the range one a year ago.
Just trying to play normal tv or use apps like bbc iplayer.
For what it's worth, I occasionally lose the optical output on my Vizios when changing channels. My guess is that the optical fails to initialize properly. I've found usually that changing to a non HD station for a second or two, then back to the HD station does the trick. But it's not an issue with my Playbars, it's the Vizio that fails to properly initialize the data stream for the optical, based on my looking at the information in "About my Sonos System", where the Playbar tells me it's not receiving a signal.

I've not tried another bar that connects via optical to be 100% sure, but I have connected my Playbar to my DirecTV genie device, and determined that it's not an issue with DirecTV, i.e. the Playbar always worked. It appears to be a failure in the TV set, and I've made sure that I upgraded the firmware on the TV as well. Since it happens less than 1% of the time, I just live with it, and hope that it doesn't affect my next TV purchase.
thanks. This issue i'm having isn't related to changing channels. It just drops.
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Thank you for getting back to me. Are you saying the optical cable is defective?
Im not sure on exact spec but its a samsung 9 series 55 inch. It was the flagship top of the range one a year ago.
Just trying to play normal tv or use apps like bbc iplayer.

It certainly could be the cable, the only details we had there were that there wasn't a signal coming in, which could also have meant the TV was turned off, or not plugged in properly.

Can you check that the cable has the caps removed on both ends (the one that comes with Sonos has grey caps covering the optical lens)? You mentioned seeing the red light, so this is likely already done, but I just wanted to make sure.

In the TVs settings, make sure to choose the Optical as the audio output, and then in the Sonos app, when you have the TV playing, check that you see the TV is the source in the Sonos app for that room. If it's not showing up, you can select the TV from the audio source list.

At that point, with audio supposedly going to the PLAYBAR from the TV, can you send in a new diagnostic for us? Let me know if you can hear anything from the PLAYBAR, even if it's just a hiss.
Under "Recently active topics-> Audio dropping out" it describes the same problem. I am experiencing the same problem. I have a vizio tv connected to a Sonos soundbar via optical cable supplied by Sonos. When I watch a cable tv show as an input the audio will drop out randomly (every 5 to 60 minutes). It seems to happen most when the show switchs from a commercial break back to the show. Turning the tv off fixes the problem until it drops
I changed the optical cable and it does not fix the problem.
Still having a problem. Two weeks in. They closed my ticket and I have no updates.
I've opened up a ticket with the video support. It's at the first level so far as they want to rule out the Sonos. However, after reading the other comments it appears that the playbar is not receiving a signal from the TV. This would point to the TV having a problem. However, the vizio people do not have a good method to isolate the problem. If the Sonos people could send them the diagnostics that show that the tv is not sending a signal then the vizio people would be more attentive..
You could send that yourself. Look in "About my Sonos system" for the area that lists the Playbar/Playbase, and you'll see where it indicates the signal it is receiving. Your TV should be on, of course.
OK, I took your (Airgetlam) advise and I checked "About my Sonos System->Audio in:". Before I turned on the TV it was blank (i.e. Audio In: ). I then turned on the TV ad it gave me an "Audio In: Dolby Digital 5.1". I had sound and everything was fine. I left the TV and everything alone and within a half hour the sound turned off. I then checked the "About my Sonos System->Audio in:" and it still showed "Audio In: Dolby Digital 5.1" !!! So does this indicate that the Sonos Playbar is actually getting sound but is not playing the sound. Maybe the problem does not lie within the Vizio TV? Note: Changing channels does NOT fix he problem. I then turn just the TV off and check the status.... it says "Audio In: No Signal". I then turn the TV back on and, like always I get sound again, and the status shows "Audio In: Dolby Digital 5.1". I think this puts the ball back in the Sonos....HELP ! This problem seems to be simular to "Hareball"'s problem. Next time it occurs I will try changing sources to see if it fixes the problem.
If it says "Audio 5.1" on the "about my Sonos System" then the Playbar is getting some sort of signal. Have you checked the TV's audio settings to make sure that the audio out is set up as Fixed, rather than Variable?

And if it is set to Fixed, you may want to run a diagnostic and post the number here, which will give the folks from Sonos a bit more information about your system. It might be helpful to also post the model of your TV set. You've said it's a Vizio, but not which one. Both of mine also have the ability to check for firmware updates, have you done that?
Airgetlam, first of all thank you for you advise.....
I bought the TV about a month ago and installed it at the same time with the Sonos Playbar. I "think" I have only experienced the problem when the source is a Spectrum cable box. I don't "think" I have experienced the problem when watching a "Cast" program from Netflix, but it's hard to tell when something doesn't happen.... It appears to happen "a lot" when the coming back from a commercial. In other words I'm watching a show, the show goes to a series of commercials, the instant the channel returns to the show from the commercial the sound turns off. However, this does not happen all the time. So far it's unpredictable when it will happen. When it happens, the sound stays off until I turn just the TV OFF and then back ON, which restores the sound.

The TV and the Sonos Playbar are both running the latest firmware.

Here is the TV Information:

System information
Serial number: ....
Model Name: M55-E0
Cast version: 1.22.78594
Source type: HDMI
Resolution: 1080p
Vertical frequency: 60
HDR: no
Audio type: Dolby Audio
Netflix Esn: ....
Network information:
-- connection type wifi 2.4 wireless
-- etc,..
-- wifi strength: 4
-- RSSI: -45
-- wifi channel: 4
-- etc,...
ULI info
-- ESN: ...
-- etc..

CEC: arc only
OK... I noticed that my previous message was too long and didn't capture everything. However, I just experienced something interesting... First I will list the rest of the setting information...

Audio Settings:
Speakers: off
Vol Control Display: on
Surround Sound: on
Volume Leveling: off
Balance: 0
Lip Sync: 0
Digital Audio Out: Auto
Analog Audio Out: Fixed

I reproduced the problem (coming back from a series of commercials). Before I powered off/on the TV I changed the "Digital Audio Out" to "Dolby" instead of "Auto" and the sound came back on instantly (without a power cycle). I will leave it like this to see if the problem occurs with this setting...
Yea, probably what is happening is that whatever your source is (the Spectrum cable box?) is sending something to your TV that's not Dolby Digital. Which means it would be sending the non correct signal to the speakers as well, and they wouldn't be able to process the signal. It's important to have every source, including the TV, and *anything* that connects to it looked at to be sure that the audio settings are set to Dolby Digital. Each device connected to your TV probably has its own settings, and each one needs to be looked at and locked down.
I was hoping that that "Dolby" setting would fix the problem but the problem occurred with the "Digital Audio Out" set to "Dolby". Hmmm... I'm not sure what to try now.
Read my last response. Look at the audio settings on each device, and make sure they're set to Dolby Digital as well.
Troubleshooting suggestion. Does the Spectrum box have an optical out? If so, run the optical direct from the Spectrum to the Playbar and see how it goes.
I will look... and try it.
The cable box has an optical audio output so I set it up to go directly to the Sonos Playbar. I'll let it run for a few hours to see if the sound goes out.
That's good. Whatever the outcome it"s likely to tell us something useful.