No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Hi, I received an app update today which also updated all the speakers software to v7.4 build 37244160. Since the update certain channels from my Sky HD box, such as Sky News & ITV4 take 60 secs+ for the sound to start. Other channels, BBC1 for example, the sound is present as soon as you switch to the channel. Nothing else has been changed in the setup. Any ideas before I start pulling leads. At the moment the playbar gets its optical from the TV, which has an HDMI source from the Sky box.

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Hi guys, if you're having any trouble with the audio on your PLAYBAR after updating to version 8.0 (make sure all of your devices are showing that), you'll want to give us a call. Let's take a good look into the system with you here.
Upgraded to 8.0 just now and now experiencing the sound dropping off again after receiving the beta version a week or so ago. This is very frustrating !!!

Diagnostic #7914873
Mike91, Amysian2017, h_karlsson, alextziv, btu, RBVos, abizzle03, mmihok, and djordi, you're all set for the beta for this issue. Go ahead and check for updates and you should be all set.

Tarakanov, if you'd like to submit a diagnostic, we'll get you flagged for the beta too.

Hey, how bout you help me??? I've posted numerous times, no response for 9 days. Please help!!

Diagnostic number 7879207
Continues to be a problem and no one is helping me. Please help!

Diagnostic number 7879207

I've posted more info before. Extremely frustrated and rapidly starting to hate my Sonos because of this... Please help!

I've updated to 7.4.1 and again to 8. The sou d still drops but less frequently. Diagnostic 7914754. Please advise.
charristexas & Ksinc:

You have both been flagged for the beta. Update and test the audio output whenever you get a chance. Let us know if this resolves the issue.
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Hi everyone, as of now, the fix for this issue has been added to the Sonos version 8.0 software. Please check for updates and you'll get our newest software, and new app. For more details on Sonos 8.0 check out our post here.

Thank you, everyone for testing out this in beta and helping get this all sorted out. We appreciate your patience and for working with us on this one. Have a great day, and enjoy some music! 🙂
I have the same issue. This is my diagnostic number: 7912391
Same problem on new Philips 9002 OLED.

please add me to the Beta.
Happening to my TV as well, could you please also flag me for the update 7.4.1, thanks

My diagnostic confirmation number 7903825

After update to 7.4.1 seems to be working fine.
please add me to the Beta.
Same here. Pls add me to the 7.4.1 Beta.
I didn’t keep my diognostics code. Can I find it again?
Update worked - thx Andy
I've also been having trouble with sound from my Samsung television's apps and also my cable box. Diagnostic code is 7910908. Can I please be flagged for an update too?
Hi. 7879798 is my diagnostic. Plz help. No sound from sub and clicking on surrounds when on Netflix via Apple TV.
My system updated. But I can't tell if I'm on 7.4.1. Still says I'm on 7.4. However, my system appears to to working now.
I'm having the same issue as other users - Sonos not playing certain programmes/ channels on my Samsung TV since I installed the last update. Please could you add me to this beta. Diagnostic confirmation number 7910780
Same issue as everyone audio with any of the apps. Diagnostic submitted (7910695), would appreciate it if I could utilize the update. Thanks!
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xxramsayxx: Please submit a diagnostic and reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end. We will then be able to take a closer look and verify that this update will address the problems you are describing.

RBass & umtigerfan1: You both are set and flagged for the update. Go ahead, update your Sonos system and let us know if the issue is resolved.
Hello, I'd love access to the beta version as I'm having sound drop out while watching Plex and Antenna TV.

TV: Samsung KS8000
My Playbar is connected to the router
Playbar connected to the TV via optical
Diagnostic #: 7910619
Diagnostic sent. Confirmation 7910627. Please add me to the beta fix 7.4.1
Having an issue with Sony’s Android tv, running Netflix saying unsupported audio however Amazon Fire tv on same tele allows audio.
Same problem here. No sound when using apps. Diag #7906619Update fixed the problem! thanks
Update 7.4.1 appears to have fixed my no sound issue. Many thanks