No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Hi, I received an app update today which also updated all the speakers software to v7.4 build 37244160. Since the update certain channels from my Sky HD box, such as Sky News & ITV4 take 60 secs+ for the sound to start. Other channels, BBC1 for example, the sound is present as soon as you switch to the channel. Nothing else has been changed in the setup. Any ideas before I start pulling leads. At the moment the playbar gets its optical from the TV, which has an HDMI source from the Sky box.

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Hi Sonos Team - have the same issue. Please add me to Beta solution. Diag #7893747

Many thanks!
Hi Sonos, I'm having the same issue as well. Can you add me to the beta. My diagnostic # is 7893780. Thank you!

I have am having the same issue.

Whats the make/model of your TV? - LG / 55UH661V
Is your PLAYBAR wired or wirelessly connected to your network? - Wireless
Is your PLAYBAR wired to your TV or cable box/SAT box? - TV
Is the PLAYBAR experiencing issues when watching TV and(or) from a 3rd party app eg; Netflix? - TV

Diagnostic number - 7893945

Diagnostic 7893953. Can I please be added for the update?

It's been almost a month since I'm waiting for a company like sonos an official software relase. the latest version has created big problems for everyone. Then not everyone has the chance to chat over the Internet to solve a problem. I spent over 5000 euros for sonos products, just to have almost direct assistance, for issues like this. When will this new relase come out to solve this problem? thank you so much.
7.4.1 appears to have fixed the issue. No interruptions or delays with sound.

Thanks again!
Same problem since the update. Only sporadic sound when trying to watch hbogo on a fire tv setup. Worked great for over a year and the forced update broke it. Not happy. Diagnostic # 7894748 and 7894754
Please add me for the update. Diagnostic is 7895064.
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Gamry, Jasonmt, stevicuk, Melo19x, trevormlong, and spjgriw, you're all set for the update.

paolokkk, looks like the system that's registered to the email you're using here is already flagged for the beta fix here. If you're having trouble, feel free to submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number.
The team has been working tirelessly on this as we wanted to get you all a resolution as soon as possible. There is now an update available for testing to fix this issue.

If you haven't already been added to this beta (version 7.4.1) and you'd like to test it out, we'd love your feedback. Please submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and post your confirmation number here so we can confirm you're experiencing the issue. We'll use that to apply the update too. We'll be adding this fix to a future release, but we'd like to offer everyone affected the chance to join this beta.

Update September 1st: Adding this to the main answer for visibility, I posted it as a comment below too.
Thanks everyone for your patience and helping out test this fix for us. So far, it’s going extremely well, which is a great sign.

The team is making sure there isn’t going to be any other adverse issues before wrapping this up into a full release and sending it to everyone. For now, we’re still going to be individually flagging systems. They’ll be evaluating everything next week to determine if this update is ready for prime time, we don’t yet have an official date on when it’s going to get set live.

This weekend we’re going to be a little short handed with the holiday in the US, so it may take a little while after posting here before you get added to the beta test list for the update. Feel free to post your diagnostics below and we’ll make sure to address each one as soon as we can. Our apologies for the delay and the silence in the meantime.
Add me to the beta test as my Samsung V7 is now not responding following updating to 7.4, diagnostic 7895839 submitted
I have same issue

Your confirmation number is: 7895971.
Please add me to the beta - 7895978 conf number
Please add me too! Confirmation No. 7896252
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eatockj, Lifeonmove, jmorelli18, and aristarcus, you should be all set now, go ahead and check for updates.
Please add me to beta
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Please add me to beta

I’ve submitted diagnostics and was told to check for update a few days ago but it stil says there is no update available. I’m registered for the beta program and submitted a new diagnostic 7892850
Thanks your update worked a treat I no longer need to throw the remote at the TV.
please add me to beta 7896575
Thx Ryan, updated to 7.4.1, tested and all previous problems have been resolved:D
Hi, can you please add me to the beta? #7896588
Hi all

Before my Sonos Playbar was updated about a month ago, it had been playing the sound from my Samsung TV-system flawlessly for months.

While the initial update made a significant negative impact to the system stability, introducing the issue where the sound would come and go randomly while watching for example a movie, joining up for the beta program and updating (twice, I am now running build 37245110) improved the stability of my system some.

However, I am still experiencing random sound drops, both when watching DVDs or Plex-movies!

My Sonos Soundbar is directly connected to a Samsung BD-F8900 DVD-player/decoder. This decoder has not been updated or altered while I have been having these problems, and it has been running the latest firmware for over a year.

Since I am running the latest version of the Sonos System available to me, I would like to ask if the problem I describe above is considered fixed? I would appreciate if someone from Sonos could answer this question (apologies if this question has already been answered, but I did not have the steam to read through all the 1700+ blog posts in this thread).

I am hoping that an update will be made available soon that fixes this issue. If someone from Sonos could indicate an estimated time for the next update that would be much appreciated.:)

I have submitted diagnostics again, the number is 7896585

Same problem here. Can you add me to the beta too. 7896898
Same here: Your confirmation number is: 7896987.