No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Hi, I received an app update today which also updated all the speakers software to v7.4 build 37244160. Since the update certain channels from my Sky HD box, such as Sky News & ITV4 take 60 secs+ for the sound to start. Other channels, BBC1 for example, the sound is present as soon as you switch to the channel. Nothing else has been changed in the setup. Any ideas before I start pulling leads. At the moment the playbar gets its optical from the TV, which has an HDMI source from the Sky box.

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Hi, I'm facing the same problem. Have sent in a diagnostic test, confirmation number 7812039. Pls help, thanks! 🙂
Also experiencing the same problem. Could you please add me to the beta. Been pretty frustrating not knowing what was wrong for last days. Some Apps don't play sound whilst some do. Confirm diagnostic number 7812314
Hi. Same issue here after updating to 4.1 some days ago. No sounds for minutes, and clicking sound from rear speaker. Connect throug a Sonos bridge from my router. Samsung 8xxx series TV. Diagnostic file 7812384
Same issue here since the update. No sounds for minutes, or disapearing after switching channels. Diagnostic files 7812424.

I Have the same issue. No sound via Plex, FoxtelNow or Netflix.

Samsung TV - 2016 model

Diagnostic number: 7812442
Same here, foxtel is the only one working, DVD and Netflix app through Samsung TV not working.
Audio out
Diagnostic number: 7812501
Can u pls add me to beta . Ta
Samsung TV, same issues as reported elsewhere. SkyHD+ working after short while, netflix app and others not working. Optical connection from TV to sound bar.

Diagnostic 7812617

Beta please.
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Vman6985, Robert_155, JeffreyMelo, Akashyap934, Its Barb here, bjosko, Mat_F, andy-cross, and Martin_28 I've flagged your systems, please update when ready.

targo98 can you submit another diagnostic right after you hear audio drops and then post the number here?
Thank's Andy B, that fixed the issue 😃
Thanks for the beta code. All Dolby surround sound devices are now working perfectly thru the Playbar. Thanks!
I've updated yesterday my Sonos system to the version 7.4 and since then I have problems with my TV apps like Netflix, DAZN and youtube. Sattelite TV in combination with my VU+ receiver works fine but I didn't tested my Blu-Ray player.

Diagnostic Number: 7813363

- LG55UF8509
- Playbar (optical connected to TV and ethernet cable in use)
- Sub (wireless)
- 2 x Play1 (wireless)

Sonos configured as 5.1 system. Please give me access to the Sonos beta, because it's really annoying.
Same issue here since update to 7.4. Am struggling to get sound consistently. Diagnostic Number is 7813471. Mysetup is wired via optical directly to my Samsung TV. Am hoping I can get the beta to resolve?
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Ok, daniboy80 and jmbarbs, go ahead and check for updates, you should have one available.
Resubmitted the diagnostic as last one failed, new number is 7813581
Thanks for the quick reply Ryan. It's now working fine again.:D
Diagnostics number: 7813627. Same issue, since 7.4 update, no sound from Netflix or other apps when set to 5.1. Worked fine before the update. HDMI to Octavia switch optical out to play bar.
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Jibgarda and RickRCampbell both of your systems have been flagged. Go ahead and run the update when you're ready.
Worked like a charm, thank you!
Hi there Sonos team, I'm also experiencing the same issue...thanks so much for helping to sort it out!

Diagnostics number: 7814006
TV: Sony Bravia KD55XD8005
Sonos surround setup: Playbar, Sub, 2x Play:1
Connections: Wifi, optical cable
Issue: No sound (or takes a while for sound) when switching to HD TV channels (I use aerial reception). Non-HD channels are unaffected.

Hope you can help!

Thank you,

Having the same issues of no sound or intermittent sound from Apple TV and free view box on lg TV. Diagnostic number 7814050
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Having the same issues of no sound or intermittent sound from Apple TV and free view box on lg TV. Diagnostic number 7814050
You should have an update available now. Go ahead and check for updates and you'll be all set.
Initial tests looks like it’s working. Thank you!
I have been having this issue as well since the upgrade, which I was putting up with but now it has got unbearable, all devices that are connected, Apple TV, Xbox One S Smart TV, including freeview and smart tv apps, and YouView box. Diagnostic 7814337 thanks
Hi I'm having the same problem - seems to be the HD channels only that have Dolby digital. I'm using a playbar with two play 1s for 5.1 surround. My diagnostic reference is 7814378. Thanks
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Wow this is frustrating! Constantly popping from my rear play 1's which are grouped in a 5.1 setup
Glad I found this thread, please add me to BETA to get rid of this problem
Diagnostic: 7814522
LGE7 + SKY Q silver

Whilst on this subject, any news on dolby digital plus support? Sky Q now supports dolby atmos over dolby digital plus which the optical connection should be able to support via 2017 LG OLED'S at least.

I love my SONOS setup mostly but starting to feel it's getting a bit left behind.