No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Hi, I received an app update today which also updated all the speakers software to v7.4 build 37244160. Since the update certain channels from my Sky HD box, such as Sky News & ITV4 take 60 secs+ for the sound to start. Other channels, BBC1 for example, the sound is present as soon as you switch to the channel. Nothing else has been changed in the setup. Any ideas before I start pulling leads. At the moment the playbar gets its optical from the TV, which has an HDMI source from the Sky box.

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Thanks Andy B - fixed!!! Awesome speed of response.
Same problems here after 7.4 update. #7796942
Sorry forgot to request the beta. Thx in advance.
Diagnostic 7780927 submitted. (TV set-up = Playbar, 2 x Play:3 + SUB)

Since 7.4 update no sound for some streamed content, sometimes it is a delayed response, normally no audio.
Foxtel/Sky audio no issues and Netflix audio no issue.

All worked prior to update with no issues - this is extremely frustrating as I can't watch, what I want when I want as I have no audio. Please send the update or roll back the update.
Never heard back but I just checked the app and said new update which I presume is the I updated. All works fine now. Still shows 7.4 though under 'about my sonos'.
[b]you all have been flagged as well. thanks, just updated and the movie which did not play any sound just started fine. so at first sight I would call it a success
Dear support my Sonos Playbar / Play1 surrounds and sub got the same issue. My diagnostic number is 7797217. Can you please push me the update.
This happen after the 7.4 update. Everything was fine before.
Hello, I am having the same issue where I have no sound on my internal apps on my Samsung ks 8000 tv connected via wifi and optical. This started when I updated my software to the latest version. Very frustrating. Diagnostics # 7797405. Thanks

Its going to get old really fast having to unplug and replug my fiber optic cable 20 times a day guys..

I have playbar, a sub, two Play 3s as rear surrounds, two play 1s as room speakers.

Sub is run to ethernet, playbar to tv via fiber optic.

Playbar is doing this same thing...only way to get sound out of my play bar using my smart tv is to unplug and replug fiber optic cable.

If i pause or change programs i have to get up and pull my tv out, disconnect fiber optic and plug it back in...while program is in progress...wont work if paused of off.

All smart tv apps including netflix, vudu, amazon are impacted.

Works for music and sound from cable box.
And after this is fixed, i am dis-abling auto updates.

Its going to get old really fast having to unplug and replug my fiber optic cable 20 times a day guys....
Please add me to the Beta asap! Diagnostic 7797529
Add me to 7797584
I am having the same issue conf 7797731 thanks
Hello, we are experiencing the same issue. Confirmation number 7797748
#7793808 I just updated my Sonos again but it didn't work. It was still 7.4. Do I need 7.4.1? Is that the beta version? Please help thanks
Please add me to the beta test to resilve this issue - diagnostic no. 7797782.
please give me the beta too. Diagnosticnumber 7797885
diagnostic number 7797927
I think you need to send an email to all the sonos users and advise them of this problem. I have been thinking for days it was my TV and had a repair guy come only to tell me it was the sonos. Samsung may be sending you a bill.
Hi Max,
Diagnostics Number: 7797951
Sonos Firmware: 7.4
TV Make/Model: Samsung 8 Series (UN55KS800D)
PLAYBAR Network Connection: Wired
PLAYBAR Audio Connection: Wired to TV
SUB Network Connection: Wireless
Audio Issues: No audio, dropped audio, and/or delayed audio playback through 3rd party video apps (Netflix, Youtube, etc.). This occurs on playback directly through smart TV apps and also through playback from Roku Ultra streaming device.
Please help!
Hi my playbar is experiencing problem after the update. Can you please add me to the beta?

Diagnostic 7798196

Pls add me to the beta. Same problem. Diagnostic 7798206
Sonos no sound after latest update 7.4 Build 37244160

Troubleshooting steps taken:
- Powered down and re-powered all speakers
- Disconnected power cable and reconnected on all speakers
- Reboot all speakers
- Everything recommended on sonos support site and other steps above.

* Whats the make/model of your TV?
* Samsung 48" Model: UE48JU6550
* Is your PLAYBAR wired or wirelessly connected to your network?
* Playbar is wired with optical cable to TV
* I also have a SUB, 2 Play1 speakers - all connected direct to my router via the playbar
* Is your PLAYBAR wired to your TV or cable box/SAT box?
* Wired to the TV
* Is the PLAYBAR experiencing issues when watching TV and(or) from a 3rd party app eg; Netflix?
* Yes problem is only when playing apps or media via plex or NAS
* Playing music from Spotify or other sources is not an issue, seems that DD is an issue
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Hi Andy B, thanks for flagging my account for the update but I am unable to see it even manually checking the on-line updates doesn't show any update available? Can you check the flagging and advise - thank you.
I have the same issue. Please add me to beta, it's driving me crazy!

Samsung TV UE55KS7000
Sky Q source
Sonos play bar connected via optical cable

Diagnostic 7798448