No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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MikeyK72 and Gurra_g you're all set. Run the update when ready.
Diagnostic Number = 7748217
TV Model = Sony Bravia KDL - 50W829B
PLAYBAR is Wired to the TV. PLAYBAR is connected to wireless network through home router

Main issue is channels taking a long time to produce audio (if at all) and whilst waiting surround sound makes ticking noise. If it does work then there is still a 3 second delay between changing channel and then hearing audio.

Seems like this update didn't undergo such rigorous UAT... just hope Sonos are able to provide a timely fix. This is the first real issue i have had since using their products for 3 years.
Having same issue since software update, removing speech enhancement solves the issue short term but of course needs a permanent fix
Thanks Ryan S.
7.4.1 seems to have removed the delay on the KS8000's pre-installed apps' audio. Thanks!
I'm having the same audio issues. Diagnostic # 7905853. Would love the update.
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I'm having the same issue after the update.

TV = Samsung JU7100
Playbar and 2 Play1 set-up together via Sonos Boost. Sonos set-up wired to TV.

No sound with original TV settings of HDMI = Bitstream and Audio Out = Dolby Digital. This setting provided me w/ Dolby Digital 5.1 for everything (Netflix, Blu-Ray, Cable).

The only way I can get sound to work is changing both settings to PCM which only provides Stereo.
Tom Warren from The Verge here. I've been testing a Sonos update that fixes this. Successfully tested this morning, and Sonos tells me "We will be releasing this build today to every Sonos customer that has been impacted with the Dolby issue."

Great news Tom, thanks for posting - voice of the people as always! Lets hope its true and is released today - as you can see, this has frustrated plenty of people around the world. Will keep my eyes peeled on here throughout the day for an official update.
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4882rob I tried the volume trick last night and woke up my kids it came on so loud. If Sonos can't fix this then I think they will need to be looking at some hefty compensation. Really disappointed in Sonos.
Lost sound on certain channels on update 7.4
Can you send me the new update 7783476
Thank you
Awesome response from Sonos support. Just received build 7.4.1 and it fixed the issue on my Playbar. Thank you!
Same issue here with Samsung KS8000 TV with Playebar, 2 Play 1 and sub. TV lost sound after update, Can get it to work if TV set to PCM. Sent diagnostics number 7776046. Please fix this soon.

Thank you

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Hi Maxed, you're all set for the beta update now.
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ktd12, henri.debarolet, dandcdivide, and spida1998, you should all be set now. Go ahead and check for updates.
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Yeah, its since this update, although I am sure they'll deny it, or if not blame something else!!!!, been through all this nonsense before......, we need to get a lot more people moaning for this to gather any remote bit of interest!!!!!!... I haven't bothered contacting yet as I haven't got the time and energy to go through the denial and failure to except there is a problem and then of course move on to a totally pointless scripted process, blau blau blau!!!!!!, only for the obvious get out which seems to be the answer to all of all the problems, there is too much wifi traffic causing your problem, change the channel!!!!!;););), well if you cant make a joke out of it ;);););)!!!!!!!!

Great news Tom, thanks for posting - voice of the people as always! Lets hope its true and is released today - as you can see, this has frustrated plenty of people around the world. Will keep my eyes peeled on here throughout the day for an official update.

No worries. As soon as I spotted the problem on my own system I pinged them, and they've been v.responsive at working this out. My system is now on Version: 7.4.1 (build 37244261) and Dolby content outputs correctly through TV apps and any connected HDMI sources just like before.
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I am also seeing this issue as of the 7.4 update. Powering off/on the playbar by physically removing the cable has resolved it, at least temporarily. Roku Ultra via HDMI cable to LG OLED65B6P TV via optical cable to Playbar. Mostly noticing in the Roku Plex app, very frequently there - I have Roku set to do Dolby Digital out in audio settings. Playbar is wireless to network. Haven't seen on cable TV which is also connected to TV via HDMI like Roku. . I'm also interested in a firmware rollback, not accustomed to Sonos breaking things and this is a bad one 😞
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This is soooo frustrating. Can’t watch TV......Well I can watch it but can’t hear it! For now please just roll back firmware!
I have the same issues since upgrading to 7.4 today ("click sounds" out of all speakers on certain channels). Problem is just the Sky TV channels that output Dolby Digital to the Playbar (which is generally just the HD channels from what I've seen, so non-HD TV channels still work fine).

Temporary fix for me is either of the following:

1) Change my Samsung TV sound output through the optical cable to be PCM (and not Dolby Digital). Means that I don't get the clicks, but there's a massive drop in audio quality for Sky HD channels that used to transmit DD, and now just Stereo/PCM (and means I don't get the same sort of performance out of my Play1 surround speakers).

2) Turn OFF the "speech enhancement" feature of the Playbar (as mentioned in the threads above). Couldn't initially see how to do this, but found the article here which explains it easily:
This works, but again you lose noticeable quality on the sound output.

I've submitted diagnostics to Sonos also ("7750147"), and if it helps I've noticed that when the clicking sound is happening on the DD channels, under "About my Sonos system" it shows the input to the Playbar as "Stereo" and not "Dolby Digital 2.0" which it shows when it's working.

Extra info: TV is Samsung UE55HU7500, directly connected to Playbar via optical cable, and all Sonos kit connected together via a Sonos Bridge.

Would love to know the next steps or an ETA on a fix from Sonos, or how to downgrade back to 7.3 when everything worked perfectly. I've been a loyal and hugely pro Sonos customer for years, but this is a poor update by the looks of things, with no new features added but a rather large bug introduced.
Does DTS work yet?

No, but great to hear from a very old user 😃
If you are using the optical out to your play bar from the TV, go to your TV setting and change from digital to PCM. Fixed the problem for me and better sound.
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Whats the make/model of your TV - Samsung UE55KU6000 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
Is your PLAYBAR wired or wirelessly connected to your network - Wireless
Is your PLAYBAR wired to your TV or cable box/SAT box - TV
Is the PLAYBAR experiencing issues when watching TV and(or) from a 3rd party app eg; Netflix - Both Cable TV, Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube

Diagnostic number - 7750288
Just applied the 7.4.1 update to my Playbar. Problem solved. Thanks!
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Hi there SkyFireXl, jmpacker13, cornerstone, Fixy999 & tylerherzog1:

I've flagged all of your Sonos accounts for the update that should address the home theater audio problems. Check for updates and please let us know if the update resolves the issue.
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The PLAYBAR is the only Sonos audio product I've never recommended to anybody. I thought it solved a problem, but it created more. The audio delays and drop-outs on this thread are not uncommon and I've had them from time to time over many years - although fair to point out I'm usually running beta code.

There are many good sound bar options out there and they offer better support for audio codecs and HDMI connections. When moving from PLAYBAR to a modern solution, I actually removed more wires from my TV cabinet than I put in. Before it was all optical switches, hdmi switches etc. Now it's just one Denon receiver and an HDMI cable to each device.

The biggest surprise was the improvement in audio quality. I always thought my PLAYBAR 5.1 set-up was good, but it sounds distinctly average compared to the new set-up, despite the pricing being around the same.
I am having the same issue after updating. Certain channels will not play sound. The turn the volume all the way up then down trick works, but if you have to change the channel you have to do all over again. Below is my diagnosis info:

Your confirmation number is: 7820693.

I got the update and it seems to work! Thanks for the quick response!