No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Same issue here following upgrade.

Diagnostic: 7764840
TV : Sony Bravia KD65X8505
Playbar is wireless with two Play 1's for surround and a sub
Playbar is connected to the TV via optical lead.
Experiencing loss of sound on HD tv channels
Issue following upgrade.

Diagnostic: 7765023
TV : Samsung UE65KS8000
Playbar is connected over ethernet with two Play 1's (wireless) for surround and a sub (wireless)
Playbar is connected to the TV via optical lead.
Experiencing loss of sound on HD tv channels (Clicking) and ad-hoch los of sound for 1-2 seconds
Same issue, updated version last night, then all hell broke loose, sound is intermittent, toggling the surround on and off through the advance menu works occasionally to get it working, unplugging and replugging in the optical lead worked once but not after that. For so many months of flawless performance and now my entire system and thousands of dollars worth of equipment are useless.... 😠 Why did I switch from the old traditional copper wire?
Sonos, I am having the same issues as many of the users. Updated to 7.4 earlier in the day.

Family couldn't watch tv all day as they didn't know what was wrong and I wasn't in. Now I have friends over for the big fight and I'm forced to listen to sound through the tv when I've spent thousands with you guys. That after fiddling with my whole system for an hour, trying to rectify it. Totally unacceptable and embarrassing for me personally.

Why can't we roll back to the previous version? More worrying is the fact that you guys have clearly not bothered to test the update properly before deploying it to all users.

Sort this out quick time. If not I expect a full refund for all my products so I can invest elsewhere.

Diagnostic no 7765133
Issues with sound Sky Q channels on a Samsung tv
Sonos, me again and even more angry than before.

Just seen the first report of this sound issue was 4 days ago. Why has this issue not been fixed, and why are you still allowing people to update their systems when you know it has serious issues? 4 days is one hell of a long time, and 7.4 should have been pulled a few days ago. This is serious and bordering on negligent!
No sound from my TV surround after taking upgrade! I took the upgrade this morning, why would you not cancel the upgrade there were issues 4 days ago? Sent diagnostic. 7765227. For what I spent on this system, I don't understand the help/service not open on the weekends?
Just so so angry. Supposed to be watching mayweather fight and have absolutely no sound coming from the playbar.

Lg 60uf850v
Wired playbar
With sub and 2 play 1s

Can play music fine. Tv sound was intermittent on and off, but there is no sound coming from tv to playbar regardless of what I try. ?

Diagnostic report. 7765249
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Same here since 7.4.
5.1 set up: Playbar + Sub + 2 Play 1's connected wirelessly to a Boost.
Happens when I switch apps. Live basic TV fine but when I switch apps that have different 5.1 or 2.0 sound sources I get no sound at all some times. Sometimes I do get sound but it takes the Playbar 1 minute to wake up.

Only fix I've found is to completely reset every Sonos device and start again. Much better since doing that but even this morning we had some issues.

Diagnostic: 7765283
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Diagnostic code 7765904

Same issue, most of the times no sound from Dolby 2.0. :@
No issues before the last update.

Setup: playbar + 2x play 1 in surround setup
Samsung h6400 tv
Same problem. Samsung series 8 49" virgin hd no sound . With clicking in the surround sounds opitical connection from tv to play bar. Sub and 2 play 1s wiresless. All this from taking the upgrade! , why would you not cancel the upgrade there were issues 4 days ago? ref 7764503
Same problem, after the update.

Diagnostic: 7765982
TV : Samsung UE65KS7005
Playbar is connected over ethernet with two Play 1's (wireless) for surround and a sub (wireless)
Playbar is connected to the TV via optical lead.
Experiencing loss of sound on HD tv channels and ad-hoch los of sound for 1-2 seconds.
No soud from the apps.
Same issue as reported by multiple people. Diagnostic :7766088.
Loss of sound from tv channels and various inputs. Sound through TV is fine. Connected via optical cable.
24 hrs after a full system reset the issue is back. Only way to now get audio is to set the TV to PCM output very annoying for such and expensive system that they haven't issues a roll back or a patch already!
Can you please add me to the list of people experiencing this problem?

Diagnostic number 7767404.

TV: Samsung UA55KS8000
Playbar is connected to TV via optical lead. All speakers are connected wirelessly.
No sound when using Samsung TV apps (e.g. YouTube).
Hi Max P,

My issues started yesterday, after having 7.4 installed for over a day. Diagnostic submitted, #7767567. Its hooked up wirelessly and connected to a Samsung UE48JU6500. The Playbar automatically switches to the TV's optical signal but there is no sound either watching TV or using Netflix or Plex.

Thanks for trying to sort it out.
Hi, i have the same problem did the update 2 days ago and since the. I have to unpkug and reconnect everytime i change channel or go to netflix. Its a real pain. Any updates on a fix for this ?diagnostic 7767677
Netflix streaming sound dead from Sonos.

Same problem of no sound from Netflix streaming using Samsung 8500 UHD display, Sonos Playbar, Sonos sub, Sonos Play3 surrounds. Since the update - Netflix does not work reliably. Sometimes if I stop and start a lot I can get it to work. But this is not acceptable.

Amazon streaming appears to work fine on the few programs I trieed, but there is an awkward delay in the sound starting. No sound problem from my Samsung cable box (Optimum) at all. That works fine. So it's something to do with the streaming audio.

Please advise on WTF happened with the update to kill Netflix streaming. Diagnostic number: 7767768.
Hi, I received an app update today which also updated all the speakers software to v7.4 build 37244160. Since the update certain channels from my Sky HD box, such as Sky News & ITV4 take 60 secs+ for the sound to start. Other channels, BBC1 for example, the sound is present as soon as you switch to the channel. Nothing else has been changed in the setup. Any ideas before I start pulling leads. At the moment the playbar gets its optical from the TV, which has an HDMI source from the Sky box.

Having similar issue since the new update. Anything using surround sound is really buggy. Diagnostic number is 77677778.
Same here for me. Diagnostic 7767863.

Samsung KS8000

Playbar connected wirelessly and connected through TV for hdmi passthrough.

Popping from surrounds and no sound from system. Turning the sub off and back on seems to bring the system back to life until the source is changed and then popping comes back. Did a factory reset of my system and that seemed to sort it on Friday night until today when I've just redone my trueplay adjustments and the problem has now reoccurred.
When i tried to group rooms Yesterday in Sonos app it forced me to update to 7.4 to get it going, couldn't find any way around the update. I updated and now my digital sound from Netflix is gone. Great work Sonos. Forcing out updates so crappy, and worst of all, after reading this thread and find that Sonos rep. found out about this bug 4 days ago and still pushing out updates!! It makes me really upset.
Diagnostic send 7767935
Same issue here.
- Samsung 65KS7000
- Playbar is wired to the network
- Optical Audio directly out of TV, other devices connected to TV.
- Issues when TV is set to output Dolby Digital through optical, switch to PCM output solves the no-sound issue, but still I would like Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Netflix app has issues, Chromecast has issues too.

When Playbar receives Dolby Digital signal and delivers no sound, the diagnostics say Dolby Digital 2.0, Pause Burst, Silence, I have seen them randomly.
Diagnostic 7768133. Wired connection directly to PlayStation 4. If I change audio output to 5.1, there is no sound. Change to pcm and it plays stereo. Problem started after 7.4 update. Need resolution.
Playbar connected wired with 2 Play 1s and SUB
Playbar connected via optical cable to TV
Experiencing issues with all apps, such as: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Plex, YouTube, etc.

When sound isn't playing there is a ticking sounds out the surround speakers.

Diagnostic #: 7768448
I think it’s obvious that the problem lies within the Dolby digital codec. If the sound is offered to the playbar in stereo sound there is no problem but when a Dolby stream is offered the status goes to silence. This explains why some people do have sound on some channels of their set top box but not on Netflix where almost all audio has Dolby encoding. Is there a status update?
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Same problem as everyone else. Clicking from 2 play 1 surround sounds. Play at no sound then about 60 seconds later sound comes on. Having problems on sky hd and digital channels. Diagnostics sent 7768602.

65 LG oled
Sky Q hd
Play bar. 2 x play 1. Sub