No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Thank you the update fixed the issue.
Hi, same issue here.

Diagnostic: 7879174

Samsung KS8000
Playbar is wired
Playbar connected to TV via optical cable
Sound cutting out with digital TV channels and also noticed with iPlayer.

Grateful for the the update to resolve the issue, please.
Having the same problem. It's been very bad since the most recent update and literally ruins shows, football games, etc. NEED A FIX NOW!!

Whats the make/model of your TV? Sony xbr75x850c
Is your PLAYBAR wired or wirelessly connected to your network? Wireless
Is your PLAYBAR wired to your TV or cable box/SAT box? Play bar is wired to the TV with an optic cable
Is the PLAYBAR experiencing issues when watching TV and(or) from a 3rd party app eg; Netflix? Both TV and third party such as Netflix

Diagnostic number 7879207
Please send me the update ASAP!
I have the same issue and it sucks. my dignostoce confirmation number is: 7879253.
Same issue here.
Sony TV, all was well until the update was done.
Since then no sound when switching channels about 75% of the time, BBC1 sound seems to work all the time though...
Have send a diagnostic : 7879266
At present the optical link is disconnected since I go tired of endlessly zapping channels trying to get the sound to fire, so the diagnostic might show link down at the moment. (using internal tv speakers now, I HATE them....)

Also took me a while to figure out what was at fault and then find this thread.
Did I mis a Sonos newsletter informing customers of this problem ?
64 pages in this thread should justify a proactive approach by Sonos towards their customers....
Same issue as everyone else. Can I please be added to the beta?

Diagnostic 7879317
Same issue. Diagnostic - 7879428.
I to am having this issue. The sound does come on if i turn the volume to max amd then lower it back down. But it only last per movie/episode and i have to repeat the process each time. Obviously not ideal turning the volume to max. Can i please get the beta update.
Diagnostic confirmation 7879603.
Hello Sonos Team!

Thank you for your work. I am a very loyal fan. I am experiencing the same issue. Samsung televion > Playbar connected via optical cable.

My diagnostic information was sent and the confirmation number is: 7879906.

Please add me ASAP. Thank you!
Whats the make/model of your TV: Samsung UN65JS8500
Is your PLAYBAR wired or wirelessly connected to your network: WIRELESS
Is your PLAYBAR wired to your TV or cable box/SAT box - OPTICAL to TV;
Is the PLAYBAR experiencing issues when watching TV and(or) from a 3rd party app eg; Netflix - Have seen issue watching DirecTV, Netflix via TV built-in app, Amazon built-in app. Commercials are very common to lose audio and then next commercial might be fine. This problem has been observed with live programming as well as recorded shows.
Once audio drops from actual content (TV, Netflix, etc...), no consistent way to get it back.

Diagnostic: 7879906

Same issues as others. Not sure if I took the diagnostic test at the right time as I have been having to mess with PCM/BITSTREAM settings.
My diagnostic number is 7879923. I have a Samsung MU-9000 TV connected to a Sonos bar via Optical Cable. I'm not getting sound on some programs on HBO Go, but I am on others. For example, Bill Maher- No Sound; Big Little Lies- Sound, no problem; Last Week Tonight With John Oliver- No Sound; Game Of Thrones- Sound, no problem. And the ones that play sound only play it through the playbar and not the Sonos 3 surrounds. However, Netflix plays through the surrounds. It's maddening! I can't keep switching from Sonos sound bar to TV speakers every time the Sonos doesn't work. I've had Sonos throughout my house with no problems, until the Sonos bar, which I just purchased. Is there a fix for this issue?

TV: LG OLED B6 65"
Playbar + Sub + Play1
Sub connected to router
WebOS 3, Mac mini and Chromecast

No sound from apps within WebOS 3, can hear when i click around but when video starts its no sound more often then less.

Number 7880079

Thanks for the update. It worked for me. Some extra feedback for you with this beta: I have noticed though that when changing from 5:1 sound to 2:0 sound when I change from sky cinema HD to an SD channel there is a ‘click’ that was not there before.
Confirmation number:7880795

TV: LG 55EG9100
Playbar connected wirelessly to network, optical to tv

No sound at all through tv on any channels or inputs after update to 7.4. Worked fine last night.
Just happened to me again...submitted diagnostics in hopes that this scenario offers different data than my last submission. This time, Playbar/Sub were grouped with stereo paired Play 1's. iOS app shows "Unsupported Audio".

Diagnostic: 7880926
had previously said i had the problem with terrestrial tv only, with on demand services ok. have since watched iplayer and netflix (new star trek v.good) and got a few seconds of clicking when playing after rewinding a few seconds. also, kodi on raspberry pi 3 has barely noticeable clicking when jumping around a film. submitted new diag 7880963. lg tv uh650v-zb webos 2016 model fibre link to play bar, with sub and two*play 1s. all running 7.4 (build 37244160). clicking only noticeable on play 1s.

Following up on my message last week. Since I updated, Sonos/Sound no longer works with apps, i.e. Netflix, nor video's via USB. It does still work with regular television.

Diagnostics number 7881571

This is on a Samsung smart TV. Please send beta fix or advise how to resolve.
Since I updated, Sonos/Sound no longer works within my TV apps, i.e. Netflix, Hulu, and Plex. It does still works with regular television. Previously, I could switch from TV to streaming music, such as Pandora, and the TV sound would come through. This no longer works after the update.

When I start an app from the TV, the app will display incompatible audio, then switch to tv audio. Intermittently, the sound would start to play after ~30 seconds, but most of the time this doesn't work.

Diagnostics number 7881550

I have an LG OLDED 65EF9500. Please send beta fix or advise how to resolve.
Same problem as all others. No sound from apps, work on regular channels and with spotify.

diagnostics: 7881929

Samsung 4k 55''. Problem with ticking noise from play 1 (two of em) and no sound from base and playbar. add me to beta.........
Hello Tikus Put, sighs, RML84, mmhaskar, maxlightweis, benmettler, JunkElephant, sweiss114, AGNY, hvbuel, schmitz.kate, cjcrowe, EltonRon, niklasthulin, pschwartz, iggyak. We've made the updates available for your systems, please look for the Online Update option in your controllers when you're ready.

RB1989 and justinjames your diagnostics didn't contain any system information. Please try submitting again.

dirag48 Please submit a diagnostic to us per these instructions:

Aviv It appears your system already has the update applied, can you confirm?
As requested .the diagnostic number is 7881964.
This is reference to the clicking sound coming from my sound bar and play 1 speakers when using streaming services.If I play around with wireless or Ethernet connection it seem to correct itself.But this is a temporary fix.
Advice to sort problem will be very much appreciated.
Seems to have done the trick, thanks for your help.
Hi, same issue here.

Diagnostic: 7882356

Samsung KD-65X8505B
Playbar is wireless
Playbar connected to TV via optical cable
Click sound from surround speakers at startup of multi channel movies either built-in netflix app or from HTPC running KODI (HDMI to TV and passthru audio over optical to playbar).

Grateful for the the update to resolve the issue, please.
RB1989 and justinjames your diagnostics didn't contain any system information. Please try submitting again.

Resubmitted with diagnostic 7882418.

More than one month since you messed up thousands of speakers, and we are still waiting for you to fix the 7.4 failure! What kind of “customer service” is this? And not a word about when we can expect an update. Nada. I really look forward to selling my speakers and buy new ones from a reliable company, so I hope I won’t have to wait for much longer. And no, I don’t want to be your beta tester.
Thank you and good night!