No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Tv Philips pfl6008s
Wireless without bridge/boost
Wired to tv
Problems with no sound on some channels and nvidia shield TV 2017. Ps4 works fine. Also got clicking sound from surround speakers when there are no TV sound.

Diagnostic number 7773387
Hi, I received an app update today which also updated all the speakers software to v7.4 build 37244160. Since the update certain channels from my Sky HD box, such as Sky News & ITV4 take 60 secs+ for the sound to start. Other channels, BBC1 for example, the sound is present as soon as you switch to the channel. Nothing else has been changed in the setup. Any ideas before I start pulling leads. At the moment the playbar gets its optical from the TV, which has an HDMI source from the Sky box.
Same problem for me. And right before my college football watching party. This sucks!
Diagnostic 7799980, my playbar is a mess, unusable. I hope that this debarcle is resolved VERY soon. Any beta fix would be great fully received.
Working great, thanks Ryan for your help.
Thanks Ryan, looks to have fixed the issue!
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Hi everyone, I just wanted to update you all again. The team's already identified the issue and is working on a solution right now. We're going through and setting up tickets for everyone in the thread at the moment (not done with everyone yet). When the fix is ready to go we'll be emailing everyone with an incident, so you'll see that as soon as there's word, it won't be long.

In the mean time, we appreciate your patience while we get this tested and sorted out.
that's good news looking forward to the fix.
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Hi CosmicThomas, jearwake, and w.johnson4, you should be all set for the beta now. Go ahead and check for updates, you should be all set once it goes through.
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Stupid question: I'm away from home until Tuesday.

Will it still update when I get back, or can I update from outside my network?

You'll be just fine. The flag will stay on and the update available until the proper release with the fix built in. If you don't get the beta on Tuesday, you'll get the proper build that goes out to everyone. I don't know when that release is going out yet, so I'm not sure which you'll get on Tuesday.
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The irony is, I'll see if my last post makes it - but to further make the point, although a poster of many years, as a result of the new forum 'improvements', my last post is in for moderation.
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I've just flagged markyl, ianheads, and davehen for the update. You three can check for updates and you should have one available.
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I posted 24 hours ago and have had nothing through, I wrote on the facebook chat (as it is recommended you'll respond within "30 minutes") still no reply after 24 hours. great to see others are enjoying the update, but I have a dead system still.
Downside of manually applying this many updates, sometimes mistakes happen. You had been marked as all set on the tracking sheet, but it looks like I missed a check mark. You should be good now. My apologies.

You're now set too smrc-8081.
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Nope just turn off the sub n surround.
Come on, SONOS. Get your act together and fix this widespread problem. My Playbar worked fine on 7.3 as did my Playbase and the rest of my SONOS speakers. Now under 7.4 everything still works fine EXCEPT for the Playbar.

Triage the problem and give dissatisfied Playbar owners the option of "upgrading" back to 7.3 and release a fix when it's rock solid. Anything else is unacceptable.
Superb Ryan - looks to have done the trick, thank you for your swift response ?
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But this is only a temporarily solution. Went u change source on the tv u will get the same thing. Hopefully sonos will do something abt it.
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mattpry and Steven G, you've both been added to the beta now. Go ahead and update you should be all set.

Again, I want to let everyone know that we'll be a little short handed this weekend, but we'll be getting to everyone that posts here as soon as we can. We'll try to check back in here as much as possible.

Thanks for your patience while we get the proper patch release ready to go out to everyone.

Have a good weekend!
So power down doesn't improve the problem. I am down to a 3 second delay before sound kicks in on average. However, i have had longer spells of waiting. Does anyone else notice the slight clicking sound coming from the surrounds (if you have them) when it does not play? Best thing i have found so far is to turn speech enhancement off.
Wow you guys are fast! Thanks Ryan! Already updated and it fixed the problem. You guys are the best.
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You two are good to go check for updates now bhimpele and Swedejr.
Hello Sonos support,

I am no longer able to hear Dolby digital sound through my soundbar and play 1 satellite speakers after installing the latest firmware update.

I have submitted a diagnostic report 7819622. Can you please add me to the beta software that will fix the issue?

Thanks AndyB. Its working now
Many thanks. Seems to have fixed the problem.
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Holy crap, this actually works! Nice find!

My method to get around it is to slide to max volume quickly (make it vibrate when it hits max vol) and move it down to halfway before it blows the house up.
My TV is the Samsung UN65KS8000.
My Playbar is connected direct to the Tv via toslink (with a Sub and 2 Play 3's for 5.1 surround sound).
I have no sound via internal TVs apps e.g. Netflix, Youtube.
It takes upto 60 seconds for sound to kick in when switching between channels.
If you switch to PCM from Dolby on the TV then the sound immediately comes back (the Sonos app shows as "stereo" on PCM)
Diagnostic number 7774819
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Max P my 2 play 1s make a ticking sound also when the TVs sound is not playing via the Playbar