No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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I too had the same problem. Worked fine for years. Changed the audio out on my ATT Uverse to the TV and it fixed it. But...Now I don't have 5.1 to the input on the PlayBar. Waiting on your next update. As usual Sonos will fix it for us. Love my Sonos System.

Code is: 7852287.
Diagnostic 7852295
Playbar connected via optical to TV Samsung KS8005, Sub and Play 1 connected wireless.
All running on 7.4 (build 37244160)
No audio from Plex on TV when selecting DD, Netflix works. Broken when updating to 7.4.
Same here: 7852491

Playbar via optical Oehlbach cable directly to Samsung F8090.
Dropouts with Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Plex App.
Always had them in the past. A second, maybe two each. Have gotten worse (up to 5-6 seconds) with the latest Sonos firmware update.
7852657 please add me to the beta for 7.4.1
So I'm not going to read through the whole thread but I found a temporary solution for the mean time, if you turn on Netflix and start watching and hear no sound raise the volume almost all the way up and it turns on, I know it's not the safest for the speakers but if your wanting to get your money's worth, I've figured it thats the only way!

7852916 Please put me in beta as well so we can fix this issue and use these expensive speakers please...
Samsung un55k 4k
no sound with netflix, amazon, hulu, youtube (every app...)
please help!
Please add me for the beta release:7853208. Thanks
I've had the same problem since update. It's been on and off until now. The sound now goes out completely every time I pause, change channel etc. it doesn't come back at all unless I reboot everything each time. Please help.

Diagnostic 7853434
Confirmation number 7853440
Issue: some channels do not play sound and audio in days pause burst
I was hoping that I could piggyback onto this thread as I am having audio dropouts as well. The sound cuts out anywhere form 1 to 5 seconds. I was watching HGTV and it was happening quite often. My setup is

55" LG OLED55C7P
Playbar, Sub, and 2 Play 1's
DirecTV receiver HR24
Apple TV

It seems to only happens when I watch live broadcasts and not programming on the DVR, DVD, or AppleTV. It also doesn’t happen if I rewind the program and press play. I have all equipment hooked up to the TV via HDMI and the Sonos supplied optical cable from the Playbar to the TV. I have the audio out on the TV set to Auto as the only two options are auto and PCM. I did a system diagnostics and the code is 7853537.

Please add me to the beta. My diagnostic confirmation is 7852475. Thanks.
This has happened to me as well. Please fix it
Marvin_3, if you want to get in on the beta fix release, you need to post a diagnostic number from your system, in this thread.
I updated my system today and have the same issue...spent hours trying to fix it with no luck. Very frustrating. I submitted diagnostic 7854167 in hopes of a fix. For now I turned off my sonos system. I'm seeing that this thread is over a month old and Sonos still let me download that faulty the heck does that happen?
I have also been having these same symptoms. The Playbar cuts out when changing channels. For some channels the sound never comes on. On others the sounds comes on after a delay. I would like to be considered for the Beta. Thanks.

My Diagnostic Confirmation # is:

I'm also experiencing this issue.

FYI, in case it's helpful in any way, I've found that turning the volume all the way up and then back down again restores audio. Using the slider in the Sonos app works best because I can quickly get the volume back down to a reasonable level before the sound kicks back in.

Nevertheless, if there's a beta that resolves the issue, I'd love to test it. Thanks.

I am also experiencing this issue.
Confirmation #7854327.
I too wold be willing to try a beta that may resolve the issue
Same issue for me.

I sent the diagnistic under confirmation number 7854457.

Looking forward to get the fix :-)

Diagnostic 7855515
Same Issue Loosing Audio on connect
Want to join the beta. Diagnostic number 7855701.
Diagnostic 7856207
I too wold be willing to try a beta that may resolve the issue
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Hi everyone, sorry for the delay, but as of now everyone in the thread should be flagged for the beta for this issue. Please check for updates and let us know if anything comes up. If you are still having any trouble after you update, I'd recommend give us a call on our support line.
Hi. No updates available when I check for online updates.
Diagnostic 7856883. Playbar is wired, sub, 2x Play 1s for 5.1 sound, Samsung KS7500 optical connection, Sky HD Source, sound clicking and cut outs after forward winding for 10-20 secs. Joined beta but not offered 7.4.1.
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Krisko and Mark Coster, you're both now flagged for the update. Go ahead and check, you should be all set.