No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Diagnostic number: 7848237
Samsung q7 connected with optical out to Playbar in surround mode with Sub and 2 play 1s. Just submitted beta form and diagnostic is 7848492. Same issue as everyone else - pcm works fine but on Dolby digital output get clicking through play 1s and sound loss on certain channels. Can you help me update with fix please?
Got the same issue. Normal tv doesn't work, thank god netflix does. So I made two diagnoses, one working (7848542) one not (7848545).
Normal tv works connected to Comcast box with vizio tv. When playing Netflix from vizio smart tv, no audio.

Diagnostic number: 7848867
Got the same issue. Normal tv doesn't work, thank god netflix does. So I made two diagnoses, one working (7848542) one not (7848545).

Was watching a channel with exactly this issue for a while, when the sound came back. Wasn't anybody touching the bar, not physical not by remote. Did another diagnostic for you to compare it with: 7848869.

I have this same problem. After 7.4 update, when starting TV or switching channels there is a ticking sound for up to a minute before sound plays correctly.

Diagnostic 7849001
TV is Sony X83C fully updated.
Sonos system is Playbar, Sub, 2x Play:1

Please give me access to beta 7.4.1

Thank you
Diagnostic: 7849055
Same issue - diagnostic no. 7849136
The team has been working tirelessly on this as we wanted to get you all a resolution as soon as possible. There is now an update available for testing to fix this issue.

If you haven't already been added to this beta (version 7.4.1) and you'd like to test it out, we'd love your feedback. Please submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and post your confirmation number here so we can confirm you're experiencing the issue. We'll use that to apply the update too. We'll be adding this fix to a future release, but we'd like to offer everyone affected the chance to join this beta.

Update September 1st: Adding this to the main answer for visibility, I posted it as a comment below too.
Thanks everyone for your patience and helping out test this fix for us. So far, it’s going extremely well, which is a great sign.

The team is making sure there isn’t going to be any other adverse issues before wrapping this up into a full release and sending it to everyone. For now, we’re still going to be individually flagging systems. They’ll be evaluating everything next week to determine if this update is ready for prime time, we don’t yet have an official date on when it’s going to get set live.

This weekend we’re going to be a little short handed with the holiday in the US, so it may take a little while after posting here before you get added to the beta test list for the update. Feel free to post your diagnostics below and we’ll make sure to address each one as soon as we can. Our apologies for the delay and the silence in the meantime.

7849212 Diagnostic code. Play at either says no sound or stereo when SAMSUNG 8 series 4K TV outputs Dolby. But fine on PCM. Very frustrating. Come on SONOS please send an update
Diagnostic code 7849520
Add me to the list please: 7849750
Please may I have access to 7.4.1? Diagnostic number is 7849769. Having issues with the Netflix app built in to my Panasonic TV
Ticking sound on playbar using optica out on Samsung ks7500 when audio set to dolby digital. Dolby digital working for Netflix and OTA programs, failing on YouTube app and NPO (dutch) app.
Has been working for nearly a year, stopped working a few days ago. Diagnostics 7849741(OTA working) 7849821 (YouTube failing)
Beta please or a fix Diagnostic 7849970

I am having this issue as well. My diagnostic # is 7850036. Please add me to the beta.

I have everything connected to my Samsung 8000 4K (Playbar, SUB, and 2 Play 1s). For HD channels (Verizon FiOS), it seems to work as expected. For SD channels, it starts off with the clicking noise then goes away anywhere from 15-45 seconds. This also happens with the YouTube app on the TV. My Apple TV seems fine.

Thank you
Diagnostic: 7850454 submitted
Diagnostic 7850732. APPs through Samsung TV work, once I switch to Fios and change a channel everything stops working including apps until I power cycle. Streaming Spotify from our phone works fine even if apps/Fios does not.
I am having the same issue, I just moved and need to set up the playbar via using netflix and it is not picking up any sound on the set up ref 7850746
Diagnostic: 7850853
LG OLED55B6P via Optical
Long delay before sound comes on on Hulu and Netflix via Roku and when using TV apps.
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I'm seeing the same problem. Samsung KS8500 via optical, wireless.

Submitted diagnostic: 7850859
I'm seeing the same problem. Samsung KS8500 via optical, wireless.

Submitted diagnostic: 7850859

I'm having the same issue on Samsung via optical on play bar
Diagnostic: 7851258.
Same issue Samsung MU8000 connected via optical..
Diagnostic: 7851490
Same issue with my Samsung Q8C tv. Long delay before sound when switching channels, or on YouTube.
Diagnostic : 7851641
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I have the same issue since updating to 7.4. Please can you send the beta with a fix to my system. Diagnostic: 7851972
Same issues with 7.4 on play bar/sub/play1's as well as some system wide issues (bridge and 21 players) audio drops out very frequently.
Version: 7.4 (build 37244160)
Hardware Version: